Fraser Health Professionals is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota. The organization is dedicated to supporting and treating a range of health-related challenges, with a particular focus on autism care, community living, integrated healthcare, rehabilitation therapy, and neuropsychology, among other areas.

The organization has established a comprehensive network of services including care coordination for individuals diagnosed with autism. They also offer detailed mental health therapies and rehabilitation services. Fraser Health Professionals also engages in neuropsychology, providing assessments and therapeutic interventions. The organisation's programme also emphasizes sensory supports and training group skills, and case management services.

Additionally, the organization extends its services to assist with transition planning for young adults moving into adulthood. It caters to a broad age spectrum which includes early childhood, elementary age, adolescents, young adults, and parents or caregivers. The organization also offers resources and career planning and employment assistance to its clients.

Fraser Health Professionals maintains an array of resources such as health and safety guides, alternative payment methods, early beginnings telehealth, and evaluations and assessments. Furthermore, the organization has a blog and a podcast, known as FraserCast, which extends their influence and reach widely. They also maintain a catalog of their therapy group services and run a Fraser Hope Line.

The institute also has a system for accepting donations and plans for several events. Volunteers can participate in numerous ways and are encouraged to get involved. Clinical appointments can easily be scheduled, and there are detailed processes for both new and existing clients to engage with the organization's services. This includes provisions to reschedule, cancel, or move an appointment to telehealth. Business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

In conclusion, Fraser Health Professionals offers a diverse array of services catering to numerous health-related challenges. It functions with a strong emphasis on community engagement and stands as a supportive resource for individuals in need.