Amputee Coalition is a comprehensive platform designed to provide needed resources and support for individuals with limb loss, their caregivers, and the clinicians who work with them. People can learn about amputation, prosthetic care and request personal support. Significant features of the business include a toll-free helpline, an Ask Us facility for addressing queries, and a location finder for accessing nearby support.

Another unique offering from this coalition is inMotion, a free subscription which further aids people living with limb loss. The user-friendly, navigational approach of their website showcases various tabs which further divide into multiple helpful areas. Users can browse through sections like 'Who We Are', revealing information about the organization's mission, history, ethics policies, leadership, and more, providing transparency and credibility.

The Amputee Coalition's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and creating social connections is reflected in their community outreach programs. The 'Work With Us' tab offers employment opportunities, details about team values and institutional partnerships. The 'What We Do' section spells out their various operational areas. They have made significant efforts to centralize all the necessary resources dealing with amputation, ranging from state-specific resources, pain management, mental health and wellness, COVID-19 resources and educational webinars.

Further evidence of their designed inclusivity is visible in a section dedicated to Spanish language materials, bridging any potential language barriers. Amputee Coalition also incorporates effective peer networking through their certified peer visitor program, individual support groups, and virtual group meetings. Institutionally, partnerships are encouraged with hospitals and rehab facilities. Advocacy and Awareness is another operational section extending from federal to state issues, it even includes the provision for Advocate Training.

In conclusion, the Amputee Coalition offers a holistic network of services for amputees, caregivers, and clinicians alike. By centralizing resources, offering support and constantly urging for advocacy, they enforce a strong sense of community within the realm of limb loss.