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  • Life Research Universal
    Extended articles on overall health and nutrition. Contains some useful tips for those seeking to lose weight, better manage serious conditions like AIDS or cancer and treat or prevent allergies.

    Offer ACLS/PALS/BLS Certification for doctors and nurses who are in need of certification and recertification training.

  • Lutein Information Bureau
    Website dedicated to the study and propagation of a lutein-rich diet. On the site, users can learn about the health benefits of lutein, which is an antioxidant. Users will also learn where to find the compound in natural foods.

  • Meatless Monday EP
    Offers recipes and healthy eating advice to people who want to achieve a balanced diet which can prevent heart disease and reduce saturated fat.

  • Multivits
    Offering vitamin supplements from Pharma Nord. Free UK delivery.

  • NIH Office of Dietary Supplements EP
    Offers detailed information on supplements and official definitions of various substances, as well as news and article databases.

  • Nutrient Finder
    Resource website and even a downloadable application with the same name which offers nutritional values for the most common foods, including fruit, vegetables and packaged foods. Constantly updated to include new food types.

  • Nutrition EP
    Offers access to government information on nutrition, healthy eating, and physical activity. Includes advice and recommendations for a healthy life style.

    Government-approved information and articles on nutrition, diet plans, healthy eating and physical activities. Website provided in both English and Spanish.

  • Office of Dietary Supplements
    Various dietary supplements, minerals and vitamins are analyzed and reviewed by this government website. Users can get either basic information on the products or more in-depth details concerning the most popular supplements.

  • School Menu
    Resource for parents to view and find out what their kids are eating at school for breakfast and lunch. Provides a search based by location and schools. Users can urge the schools to add their menus to the website if not yet available.

  • School Nutrition Association EP
    Official website of a nonprofit professional organization that represents more than 55,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the U.S.

  • Soy Info
    Users can get all the information they need on soy and soy products on this website. Lots of articles cover the benefits of soy, along with the possible downsides, making this an objective resource of information for soy consumers.

  • Swankyseven
    A website dedicated to the latest news in health and nutrition sciences. Learn how you can improve your body and health today.

  • The Nutrition Guide
    A guide to the nutritional values of commonly found foods in restaurants, at fast-foods and in your own home. Provides advice for athletes and for the fitness enthusiasts.

  • Vasayo Founders
    Users can share health and wellness products to casual friends, strangers and family. Vasayo opened its doors for business in America and Canada in January of 2017 and will be expanding into Hong Kong and Asia in March 2017.

  • Wheat Foods Council EP
    Onlline resource of news and tips on how and why to enjoy more grain foods for better health. Emphasizes the importance of fiber in a healthy diet.

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