The Food Additives and Ingredients Association (FAIA) is a recognized non-profit trade organization, having been in operation since 1997, amassing an impressive 26 years of expertise in the food industry. This valuable experience has positioned them as a pioneer in the representation of food additive and ingredient manufacturers and suppliers. Based on their long-standing operation, FAIA embodies a professional and influential role, fostering respect from industry stakeholders.

Their commitment to providing high-caliber scientific and regulatory advice and support merits acknowledgment. This commitment has arguably aided their establishment as a trusted entity within the industry. Furthermore, they actively strive to distill complex scientific information about food additives and ingredients, disseminating this knowledge to food manufacturers, legislators, and consumers, ultimately enhancing their comprehension about the importance of these substances.

According to the FAIA, food additives are necessary substances added to food and drinks during production and processing stages. They assert that these substances, some of which are naturally occurring and essential nutrients, enhance the safety, taste, and appearance of food products. European legislation views food additives as beneficial substances added to food products to bolster their preservation and improve their quality.

The FAIA also demystifies E-numbers, explaining that they are indicative of an additive's approval by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use within the European Union. By obtaining an E-number, the additive demonstrates a beneficial purpose, having undergone rigorous scientific safety assessments based on toxicological data in both human and animal models. This assessment helps establish the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of the additive, which outlines the maximum amount a person can consume over a lifetime without any adverse health effects.