is a website that conducts independent research and offers reviews on a wide range of health supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal products. It utilises JavaScript to deliver an enhanced user experience, and it provides information on a multitude of product categories.

Searching for specific products is facilitated by an A-Z listing, which simplifies the process of locating a particular brand or supplement. Consumers can discover the effectiveness of a wide array of products, with recent reviews highlighting berberine and goldenseal products, as well as multi-vitamins predicted for 2023, and supplements containing Psyllium, a plant that has failed their tests due to lead contamination.

Further, the website provides information on the levels of CBD and THC in certain products, helping users identify the most suitable options. It also conducts tests and supplies information on Alpha-Lipoic Acid, giving disclosed amounts of the Active form that may be found in each.

In addition to reviews on individual products, the website has a whole section dedicated to health conditions. This allows members to navigate through and understand the multitude of health supplements available in the market, and their potential uses for different health conditions.

To ensure unbiased and dependable information, operates an ad-free policy. Furthermore, the membership model means that the site is financially supported by its users, not commercial entities.

Members have access to a trove of resources: comprehensive product reviews, information regarding brands and health warnings, answers to commonly asked questions, news updates, and recommended intake limits. A range of membership options are available, including group subscriptions and gift memberships. Members also receive full support from the team.

The website additionally features a quality certification program, where it explains its testing process and how products are assessed. Consumers can learn about the ConsumerLab Seal, a mark of quality given to tested products that meet their standards.

The thorough process behind's independent testing, quality certification, and the valuable information provided in their reviews, shows it as a reliable resource for those interested in vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.