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  • A Better You EP
    Provides nutrition tips, health and fitness articles, exercise routines, life changing products and more.

  • Acne Supplements Critic
    Offers reviews about vitamins, pills, and supplements for acne treatment for men, women, teens, and adults to help achieve clear skin.

  • Amino Pharmaceuticals
    Works with patients who are interested in living a healthier life. They provide weight loss injections—primarily vitamin B12 injections—in combination with recommended lifestyle changes. In addition to their selection of vitamin B12 shots, Amino Pharmaceuticals also provides other vitamin injections.

  • Amway: Easy Shop
    Shop for your home, family, relatives friends needs have it delivered to the door without standing in long lines in Department stores etc Create your Website find out how you can get paid back for the item you would normally purchase anyway check it out, find out how.

  • AppleWasabi
    AppleWasabi is a lifestyle publication featuring original stories about nutrition, healthy cooking techniques, vegetables, fruit, kitchen gadgets and natural farming stories.

  • Fitness Savvy
    Dedicated to bringing a wide range of dieting and nutritional advice. They are looking to add as much value as possible for Their users, and have included a price comparison section, too. This allows users to find the best prices on hundreds (soon to be thousands) of branded supplements, from top retailers such as Boots, Holland & Barrett, Argos, MyProtein and many many more.

  • Health Bulletin
    A comprehensive product review site covering all major releases and product lines by retailers. Their independent review team analyses all aspects of the products for the consumer.

    Provides honest and real reviews of the best meal delivery diets and weight loss programs currently available.

  • a2 Pasteurized Milk
    Sells 100% natural, fresh pasteurized milk that is produced by select A2 cows and is free of A1 proteins.

  • Nutrition
    Article base for everything related and in regards to nutrition. Plenty of resources for seekers of diets, healthy lifestyles and nutritional values of foods.

  • Agricultural Research Service
    This branch of the ARS focuses on the research aspect, inspecting foods and their nutritional values. Plenty of multimedia resources like quizzes and games for children and adults alike about nutrition and agriculture.

  • AllNutritionals
    Provides basic information for a wide range of nutritional products. Everything from healthy foods, to bees products and antioxidants is covered on the website.

  • American Society for Nutrition
    Article and information base on all things related to healthy nutrition. Also provides a directory for different nutritional foods, along with information on their effects and side effects.

  • American Society for Nutrition EP
    Offers information on nutrition research in humans, but also in various animal species. Also features directory of nutrients with diet recommendations, toxicity, clinical uses, and recent research.

  • Beyond Diet
    A place for members to access recipes, exercises and read articles valuable to your weight loss and health goals.

  • Consumer Lab
    Provides information on different nutritional products through individual tests performed on said products.

  • ConsumerLab EP
    Provides a variety of independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness, and nutrition products.

  • EP
    Student guide provides free advice on obtaining an education in the culinary arts.

  • Egg Nutrition Center
    Focused on healthy egg production, distribution and consumption, the Egg Nutrition Center provides valuable information for people associated with this industry and for the general consumer as well.

  • Egg Nutrition Center EP
    Official nutrition portal that addresses mainly nutritionists and health care providers. Promotes the importance of eggs and their role in a good, balanced nutrition.

  • FAIA - Food Additives and Ingredients Association
    Focused on food additives, the association aims at providing information on the different foods that carry natural additives and those who don't, but need the artificial ones in order to be consumed or better preserved.

  • FoodFit
    Information on different food groups, cooking recipes based on fresh, seasonal foods and other dietary and nutritional resources. Advanced search for several recipes is also available on the website.

  • FoodFit EP
    Offers detailed information on topics that include healthy eating. Provides cooking advice, along with recipes, fitness tips and more.

  • Gymterest
    A blog containing information about how to get a six pack, building muscle, losing weight and increasing strength gains.

  • Health Castle
    Registered and authorized dietitians contribute to this online portal of nutritional and healthy food information. Popular topics in the healthy food industry are discussed and analyzed objectively.

  • Health Chronicle
    Provides credible information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material about health subjects.

  • EP
    Provides both fun and practical diet tips to people who are interested in reclaiming good health through a balanced diet. Written by registered dietitians.

  • Healthy Fridge
    Website that aims at enforcing healthy eating. Its major focus is at combating cholesterol-filled foods and pushing the low-fat agenda on users.

  • International Food Information Council Foundation EP
    Provides food safety and nutrition information to health and nutrition professionals, along with brochures and guides for consumers. Website available in English and Spanish.

    Offers several jerky types including bacon, biltong, buffalo, elk, chicken, organic, sweet beef, hot beef, low sodium turkey, and more.

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Diet & nutrition are two of the most widely studied categories of health & fitness. Diet is a subcategory of "nutrition" and in general refers to the food intake of an organism. Nutrition is much broader, and includes diet. It looks further into food elements such as protein, fat, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other characteristics that make up a diet.

Diet includes all the food an organism ingests, and will vary by geographical region and culture, and available food sources. The quality and make up of the food in a region will also depend upon natural weather, resources, water, sunshine, and length of a growing season. The type of diet a person consumes can be related to their health and longevity, and resistance to disease. Certain diets have been proven to reduce certain diseases, as diets high in fish or specific omega oils reduce heart disease. Diet will also vary by geographical location, as persons living near water consume more fish than those who are landlocked. Religion also plays its part in the diet of some people, with restrictions and rules regarding food production and consumption. Economics will influence eating habits, as will health & fitness regimes.

The reasons for which people try a diet are multiple, beginning with the sole purpose of losing body weight and ending with the purpose of preventing certain conditions from getting worse or even preventing them from occuring. For instance, people with diabetes must keep a sugar-free diet because this is harmful to their health. Nutrition is important because you need to give your body cells and internal organs what they need in order to be able to support life. Depending on the nutrition habits, some people can live a long and healthy life while others often die before turning 70.

Whenever there is not an equillibrium when it comes to diet and nutrition, physical changes occure which in time can seriously affect your health. For instance if your diet is poor this may have a dramatic impact when it comes to your health and people with a poor diet are often very skinny and they are prone to depressions. On the other hand, if you are used to consuming too many calories you get fat and this affects your health as well, especially your heart. When a poor diet and imbalanced nutrition occur, it is time for you to see a nutritionist.

If you are a nutritionist and you deal with nutritional science or you are just somebody that cares about his diet and nutrition, this web directory can offer you all the info you are looking for. From diets that aim to destroy cancer cells to nutrition schemes in order for your organism to work properly, you can find everything you want here instead of browsing the Internet. is a reliable source of information regarding diet and nutrition!

Nutrition can be achieved through diet. Nutritionists look at food consumption, and then the nutritional content of food in the diet, to see if the basic bodily requirements are being met by the food consumption. Adjustments can then be made through food changes, or adding supplements, to achieve the ideal balance needed for optimum health. Information on nutrition is available in the web directory, and is a good place to begin the study of diet. The human body can be broken down into physical elements such as water, carbon, other chemical compounds. It requires specific fuel to remain healthy.