It is believed that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I guess the same is also true with smiles and making friends and influencing people. You can catch more friends with smiles than with frowns and other not so pleasing facial expressions. Dr. Marc Montgomery, D. D. S, knows and understands this fact more than most people do. Montgomery Dental Care is a website dedicated to the wonderful life-changing works of Dr. Montgomery. It contains a wealth of information regarding him and all that he has done for the Woodbury community. If you are part of that society, you may know what I"m talking about. If you haven't yet heard about the smiles Dr. Montgomery has aided in putting on people's faces, now is your turn to smile. Let's have a look at what you should anticipate from this informative and pleasing website.


The Montgomery Dental Care website is very professional. The font and general web design of the site are very professional. The colors (shades of blue and a kind of dark green) are also just right and work together. The general arrangement of the website is easy on the eyes and one won't have any trouble browsing the site. I always look for responsiveness on websites that I review because it is a crucial aspect to consider in today's websites. The Montgomery Dental Care website has passed this test with flying colors.

This is a website that when you visit, you get the sense that you are dealing with professionals. It gives you the sense that you can trust those behind it. And it is not just the web design of the site that makes you feel this way, there is significant information on the site to anchor this sensation.

The User Interface

The website is very simple to navigate. At the top of each page, you'll find the main menu as well as some contact information. It is customary for most sites to place contact information at the bottom of a website or on the "contact us" page but in this site, some contact information is included at the top of each page. I believe this is to make it easier for anyone interested in contacting the renowned doctor to have an easier time doing so.

After the main menu, you'll find the main content of the page, depending on what the page has been dedicated to. The main content of the homepage of the site essentially introduces you to Dr. Montgomery and gives a few highlights regarding what you should expect from his practice.

Finally, the webpage ends with the footer, which contains the logo of the practice as well as some more contact information.

I couldn't help noticing the delightful images used on the website. All of them are filled with people with genuine beautiful white smiles. If you don't have one of those smiles on your face, they just make you want to be just like them. Those images are on point. Furthermore, this site loads really fast. I opened all the links I could find on the website and they all loaded instantly. I must say that this website is both beautiful and functional. That's good web design.

The Main Menu

I rarely discuss the main menu of websites as a subtopic but in this case, I felt I should; it's important for this website. As a visitor to the site looking for information or just curious about what Dr. Montgomery has to offer, I believe you'll find this information useful.

The main menu has seven main links.

The "Home" link, of course, will take you to the home page, which is where you most probably will land on your first visit to the website. There isn't much there but a brief introduction of who Dr. Montgomery is and what his practice is all about.

The "About" link contains three submenus: AACD Fellowship, Awards, Our Team. Whenever you are dealing with anyone who handles your health, credit is very important. If it's credit you are looking for, this link is the one that will settle your doubts. Dr. Montgomery is not only famous in his field of industry, but he has also received various awards in recognition of his expertise in the field. He is also affiliated with various significant organizations in the field of dentistry. You'll find all the information you need regarding the doctor's credibility here.

The "services" link also contains various submenus. The submenus are links to the assorted services the practice provides. Montgomery Dental Care focuses on cosmetic dentistry, as in the practice will do everything in its power to ensure that you have the most beautiful smile. Be that as it may, there are other services that it offers and they are listed here. When you click either of the submenus, you'll be directed to a page that describes what the service is, where it applies, and how you may or may not need it. The 'services" link contains useful information regarding various dentistry services. Even if you are not sure what your situation needs, going through the various services listed under this link should give you some sense of direction about what would be useful to you.

Talk is cheap, or should I say that writing is cheap since this is essentially text you are reading? Anyway, another link on the main menu is the "Results" link. When you click on this link, you'll be taken to a page where you get to see the before and after results of people who have been served by the practice. You get to see proof of what Dr. Montgomery and his team of professionals are capable of.

Then there is the "Resources" link which will take you to a page that lists the various resources Dr. Montgomery believes to be not only useful but also essential in the dental field.

The "News" link is just that; news and information about what Dr. Montgomery and his practice are up to.

Business address

Montgomery Dental Care
8380 City Centre Drive, Suite 130,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 651-738-1880
Fax: 651-730-7172