Think CNA Online is an online platform designed to assist individuals who are interested in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). It provides a comprehensive guide to obtaining CNA certification, with a variety of programs and courses starting as early as September 2023. This portal acts as a one-stop resource for aspiring CNAs, offering a wealth of information and tools to support individuals in their journey to become a CNA.

One of the primary offerings of Think CNA Online is its list of online classes for CNA certification. This site has a tool that matches potential students with suitable courses in their locale, or online if that's preferable. This service makes it easier for future CNAs to find the right program for their needs without having to tirelessly scan the internet or other physical education directories.

Another notable feature of Think CNA Online includes advanced training programs like CNA to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), CNA to Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), and CNA to Registered Nurse (RN) bridge programs. These bridge programs are particularly useful for those looking to gain advanced certification in the nursing field, enabling existing CNAs to level up their qualifications.

For those already working as a CNA, especially in nursing homes, Think CNA Online provides valuable information on Continuing Nursing Education. This is a important resource for practicing CNAs who are required to engage in regular professional development to maintain their license.

Think CNA Online also stresses the high demand for Certified Nursing Assistant jobs in 2023, indicating promising job prospects for those considering this career. This provides motivation for individuals who may be contemplating whether a CNA career is a promising and worthwhile endeavor.

Furthermore, the platform maintains a Nursing Blog that offers additional resources and information about the nursing industry. This is an excellent supplemental resource for students and working professionals to stay updated on the latest trends, ideas, and developments in the nursing field.

Overall, Think CNA Online is a useful resource for aspiring CNAs, existing CNAs looking for advanced training, and CNAs interested in ongoing professional development. It offers a full range of information, from finding the right classes to understanding the job market, making the journey towards becoming a CNA simpler and more accessible.

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