Medicare is a government program that provides health insurance for people aged 65 or older, certain younger individuals with disabilities, and people with certain diseases such as renal disease. It provides users access to a variety of services such as prescription drug coverage, health and care plans, and the comparison of healthcare providers such as hospitals and nursing homes.

One of the features of Medicare that is highlighted is its easy setup. Those turning 65 in the current year can find out how and when to sign up and users can access their information at any time through their account. Potential users who qualify for Medicare, but didn't avail the facility when they first became eligible, will be able to sign up within a limited time frame after they lose Medicaid without having to pay a late enrollment penalty.

For customers with diabetes, Medicare has introduced a new cost-saving measure for insulin coverage as part of the Medicare Part B program. A one-month supply of each Part B-covered insulin is now limited to a cost of $35 and a deductible is not required to be paid for insulin.

Moreover, an alert system is in place to keep users updated on changes in the prescription drug law that impacts Medicare and its prescriptions. Other updates are also provided to remind users about open enrollment periods and potential ways to save costs.

Regarding drug coverage, Medicare offers Part D plans that cover outpatient prescription drugs. Supplements and other insurance plans are also available to help defray the costs not covered by Medicare. Information on what exactly Medicare covers and how to appeal claims are additional features available on the website.

Lastly, the website hosts a site map for quick navigation and also allows users to manage their health through easy access to their health information. In conclusion, Medicare offers a comprehensive health insurance plan for seniors and other eligible individuals, making it simple and cost-effective for them to manage their health care needs.