An online program to help your pet lose weight, an important step to a healthier, happier life. Pets at a healthy weight enjoy happier lives, and it is our mission to help every pet achieve that weight. Users may track weight loss, record activities, upload progress photos and more.

  • Team up with your veterinarian for a canine weight loss program or a feline weight loss program. Get a Body Condition System® score and a diet recommendation to help achieve a healthy weight loss target of 1 to 2 percent a week. Stay in touch with regular check-ups and monthly weigh-ins.
  • Be informed. Learn how to help your dog or cat curtail his or her weight.
  • How much should you feed your dog or cat? Only as much as your veterinarian recommends to maintain ideal body condition. Feed and treat responsibly. Don't give in to begging. And make sure everybody in your family is on board.
  • Stay active. Walking, of course, is great. But playful activities, like hide and seek, burn calories, too.
  • Sign up for our online program. It tracks your progress, dishes out helpful tips, offers friendly reminders and awards badges for your successes that are fun to share with friends and family.