Badaia Fertility Hospital is a prominent institution that offers a wide range of fertility and reproductive health services. Their team is highly experienced in assisting reproduction and in vitro fertilization, offering treatments such as artificial insemination, micro-injection, and gender determination. They also provide services related to freezing embryos and embryo wall puncture.

Badaia Fertility Hospital caters to a significant fraction of patients dealing with male infertility. They offer services aimed at treating conditions such as spermatic cord occlusion and testicular varicose veins. Additionally, their suite of offerings involves testicular biopsy, microscopic surgery for vas deferens connection, and a reproduction of the vas deferens. To help detail the issue and decide on the best treatment approach, they provide seminal fluid analysis, Doppler scanning on the testis, genetic material breakdown analysis, and freezing of seminal fluid.

The hospital also serves patients requiring genetic tests, providing comprehensive exome examination (WES), residual pregnancy test (POC), non-surgical prenatal examination (NACE), early genetic examination (PGT-M), and examination of chromosomal disorders (PGT-A). They also cater to medical endoscopy services, such as abdominal endoscopy, uterine endoscopy, penile cosmetic surgery, and treatment of penile shortening. Special services also include fat suction from the pubic region, artificial testicle planting, and dealing with male diseases.

Their additional services include sperm hyper-enlargement, magnetic separation of sperm, plasma injection for the penis, hyaluronic acid injection for premature ejaculation treatment, penis stenting, sexual weakness treatment, testicle fixation surgery, hydrocele surgery, and treatment of penis fibrosis.

The hospital also has a women's department which treats repeated miscarriages with immune treatments using lymphocytes cells, uterine lining injection, ovum freezing, treatment of migrating uterine lining, urinary incontinence treatment, sexual health clinic, pregnancy and childbirth follow-up, and fetal medicine.

The staff at Badaia Fertility Hospital have treated a diverse number of cases successfully and are backed up by high patient satisfaction scores. The hospital is also readily available for online consultation and has established treatment plans for overseas residents. Worth noting, is the availability of 3D and 4D ultrasound services in their fetal medicine department. To make it accessible for everyone, they have a helpline for appointment booking.

Business address

Bedaya Hospital
ahmed elmlehy street,

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Phone: 01225368744