Precision Chiropractic Services is located in Owatonna on the northwest side of town near the ALDI and Lowes. The office suite is directly adjacent to East Wind Buffet. Dr. Josh Burnham is an Owatonna chiropractor that focuses on providing gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments using the Gonstead Technique. Your Owatonna chiropractor focuses on being a specific as possible while maximizing your comfort and relaxation. Multiple different tables are used to accomplish this goal. The knee chest table is great for low back adjustments as well as pregnancy care. The clinic was opened in February of 2021. Since then, Dr. Burnham has seen and helped a wide range of cases. Dr. Burnham is effective at helping people continue working pain free. He also has a passion for helping mothers experience less pain, reduced labor time, and easier deliveries. As a father of four children he understand how much chiropractic care can benefit pregnancy outcomes.

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Precision Chiropractic Services
1015 Frontage Road West, Suite 104,
United States

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Phone: 5074130962
Fax: 5074130976