is an online platform that offers comprehensive and free aid for cancer patients, their caregivers, loved ones, and the bereaved. They provide several services like counseling, resource navigation, support groups, education, and financial assistance.

This website is manned by professional oncology social workers who lend emotional and practical support for the affected individuals. Their counseling program enables interaction with an oncology social worker, thus helping those in need to share their experiences, feelings, and concerns. This counseling can be an important component for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, and other related areas of cancer care.

Additionally, the platform offers resource navigation aimed to facilitate overcoming barriers to accessing care. Services such as support group connections enable people related to cancer to connect over the phone, online, and in person for shared experiences and guidance. The platform's education section offers various workshops to learn from leading oncology experts. These workshops can impart specialized knowledge and updated information about various aspects of cancer care to the users. has a dedicated section for publications that cover a host of cancer-related topics. It allows users to read and understand various facets of cancer, its impact, and measures for coping. By providing financial and co-pay assistance, they strive to alleviate the monetary burden faced by patients and their caregivers, providing resources for financial support.

The website hosts a wide range of specialized programs and services extending to kids, pets, and more. They also have community programs free to participate in. The Coping Circle Workshops provide an avenue to explore various educational and supportive workshops, building resilience, and promoting coping mechanisms.

Moreover, provides resources and information on over 150 diagnoses and topics. Some of the diagnoses covered include bladder, brain, breast, cervical, colorectal, head, kidney, leukemia, lung, lymphoma cancers, and others. Users can access information and assistance sorted by various topics like caregiving, Chemobrain, chemotherapy, children, COVID-19, lymphedema, neuropathy, pain, pets, side effects, and support groups.

Verdict: is an invaluable resource for cancer patients, caregivers, and those bereaved offering a wide range of services, information, and support. From counseling and support groups to financial assistance and specialized resources, they provide a holistic approach to managing the journey of those touched by cancer.