EDReferral.com is an online platform devoted to assisting individuals battling with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Launched in 1999, it has become one of the top-rated resource centers for these conditions. By offering a comprehensive search functionality and a range of informational resources, it helps users find the right kind of help for their specific situation.

One of the primary features of EDReferral.com is its Find Help tool. With a single click on the FIND HELP button, users can access a broad array of search options to find appropriate resources. These options include searching using a map of the user's area, a U.S. state map, for a specific issue or specialty, by name, keyword, or distance from the user's location. There's also an option to search specifically for treatment centers, or by insurance cover to potentially find cost-effective solutions.

Apart from the search functionality, EDReferral.com also hosts an ED Centers section featuring descriptions and details of different treatment centers for eating disorders. This part of the website can be especially useful for users looking for more comprehensive treatments.

To keep its members updated with the latest in the field of eating disorders, EDReferral.com runs the ED Journal. Users can sign up to receive this journal which contains articles, studies, and other valuable information about eating disorders. They can also access an archive of past journals. Advertising options are provided in the ED Journal as well, offering businesses and organizations an opportunity to reach out to the members of EDReferral.com.

Membership with EDReferral.com comes with a variety of services. Members can change their profiles, apply for membership, renew their listings, and even advertise on EDReferral.com. A password retrieval function ensures that members can easily regain access to their accounts in case they forget their login details.

With features designed to efficiently guide users to the help they need and informative resources to educate them about their condition, EDReferral.com positions itself as a reliable and comprehensive platform for individuals dealing with eating disorders. By streamlining the search process and providing up-to-date information, it offers valuable assistance to its users in navigating their path to recovery.