Fresenius Kabi is a healthcare company that offers products and services particularly tailored towards individuals with dysphagia. Dysphagia, a condition that makes swallowing difficult, reportedly affects around 8% of the global population. One of the major issues faced by these individuals is the challenge of staying adequately hydrated due to their fear or difficulty of swallowing.

Fresenius Kabi addresses this issue with, among other products, their specially formulated Thick and Easy line. This product range, which comes in two versions - Original and Clear, aims to make the consumption of liquids an easier, less stressful process for dysphagia patients. The Thick and Easy beverages are designed to help those struggling with fluid intake maintain proper hydration, which is vital to overall health.

They also provide comprehensive training to work with their products effectively. The company is committed to ensuring healthcare professionals using their products, know how to properly use them, to provide the maximum benefit for the patients.

Furthermore, Fresenius Kabi has a transparent respect for privacy rights. The information provided by customers through their request form is instantly processed and protected in accordance with UK and international privacy standards. The site requests users to use a email address, underscoring their commitment to privacy and secure data handling.

Bridging the informational gap, Fresenius Kabi offers up-to-date and essential information, like studies and reports, on their website, ensuring their customers and professionals engaged in the sector have ready access to facts and data.

In conclusion, Fresenius Kabi is a resourceful healthcare company offering innovative solutions, specifically crafted products, and vital information to help patients suffering from dysphagia to stay properly hydrated and improve their quality of life.