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Conditions & diseases number in the hundreds, and this is one area where a web directory can be very valuable as one begins to search available databases. One of the first ways to research conditions & diseases is to look at symptoms and try to narrow down the hundreds of conditions & diseases to just a few.

Conditions include broader categories such as skin spots, club foot, or things that would result from a disease. Diseases pinpoint the physical problem, like arthritis, diabetes, or thrush. A condition is a general term, where a disease is a specific diagnosis. Condition is not always a disease, as in pregnancy, which is a condition but not a disease. Conditions are something that are presented to a physician for diagnosis. It is something that impacts the person's health, and can be observed in most cases, unless there is an internal problem, for example, with the circulatory system. In that case, there may be a condition of weakness, which would bring the person to investigate further into the causes of that condition. At that point, a medical doctor could conduct tests and discover heart disease.

More and more diseases and conditions are being discovered every day, but in the same time treatments and vaccines that prevent or treat these diseases and conditions are invented as well by doctors. Everything surrounding you can be harmful and can produce a disease, beginning with the toxic air that we inhale daily along with the cigarette smoke and ending with the means of public transport where you can get easily sick during winter. Although it is known that we became immune to many viruses and bacterias, there still are some diseases that can be fatal.

Even if we like to think about the modern medicine that it has significantly evolved throughout time (and it did), we have to admit that there are still certain areas where doctors can not even determine what caused a condition or a disease such as in the domain of oncology where the causes of cancer are still not very clearly stated. Nevertheless, there is known that a heart condition for instance can be transmitted from parent to child or it can skip one generation and the grandchild can be affected by one of the grandparent`s conditions.

To sum up, diseases and conditions represent an area of great interest to doctors or students at Medicine, so whether if you are a doctor or a student and you need to find out more things related to diseases and conditions, can provide you the right information, depending on the conditions or  the diseases that you are interested in. Moreover, you can submit your site or your blog here if you provide useful information related to this topic.

Diseases have been studied for centuries, and there is a vast storehouse of knowledge of many diseases. Yet, there are new diseases discovered even today, and some are related to modern living, stress, food additives, and things that only recently became relevant to people today. Diseases are abnormal occurrences in the body that impair or jeopardize the functioning of the normal body. They may cause disability, pain, social problems, distress, or even death if not treated. Frequently diseases are responsive to medicine, such as aspirin. Some diseases are inherited, while others are transmittable. Other diseases can be generated by an injury, foreign substance, intense stress, or infection.


  • ENT Pembroke Pines
    Offers innovative solutions to help you resolve the distraction and mental fog that accompany your ear, nose, throat, and allergy issues.

  • Kentucky Hope Counseling
    Kentucky Hope Counseling is a low-cost online or in-person counseling program. Experienced licensed mental health therapy for those with life- controlling issues. We offer individual, group, and couples therapy.

  • Prescription Treatment Website
    Description of a once-daily extended-release ADHD medication for extended ADHD symptom control for patients with ADHD ages 6 years and older.

  • Silenso Clinic: Paul Schalch Lepe, MD, FACS
    Dr. Paul Schalch Lepe is a renowned breathing and sleep surgeon. As one of the top board-certified otolaryngologists, and one of the very few sleep medicine-board certified otolaryngologists in California, Dr. Schalch Lepe excels in treating chronic sinusitis, obstructive sleep apnea, deviated septum, nasal obstruction, and other respiratory and breathing conditions.

  • Smile Designers Dentistry
    Provides dental care, including dental implants, oral surgery, braces & Invisalign, cosmetic and general dentistry.

  • Alzheimer's Association
    The association offers Alzheimer's related information, research, pathology, possible treatments and a wide range of step by step guides useful for caregivers.

  • American Cancer Ablation Center
    Focused on treatment through image guided ablation. Basically, the technique involves destroying cancer tumors using extreme temperatures through a needle that is introduced inside it.

    Self-help site for people who are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, fear of flying, and post traumatic stress disorder.

    The website offers information on back pain including symptons, causes, treatment options, doctor database, and more possibilities of relief.

    A guide to brain tumor symptoms and brain cancer treatments. Also features inspirational quotes for cancer patients, and a playlist of songs to fight and cope with cancer.

  • Cancer Care
    Website dedicated to helping cancer patients. Provides valuable information, financial assistance, advice, counseling and education for patients and their family.

  • Cancer Education
    Featuring video, audio, full conferences and visual lectures, Cancer Education aims at providing patients, physicians and families with valuable information about the different types of cancer known to man.

  • Cancer Group
    Oncologist-created website that aims at explaining cancer to patients through books and specific articles. The language used is accessible and little to no medical know-how is needed to understand it.

  • Cancer Quest
    Emory University along with the Winship Cancer Institute offer crucial information about further developments in treating and diagnosing cancer. Lectures and multimedia resources are provided for patients, their families and physicians.

  • Cancer Track
    Multimedia website aimed at facilitating cancer patients, physicians and close friends and family of cancer patience with all new information available in the cancer treatment field.

  • Cancer.Net
    Online resource for cancer patients, their families and even doctors. Approved by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the portal provides everybody with information about types of cancer, treatments and what to expect on the long run.

  • Swallowing Difficulties Service
    With more than 15 years knowledge of supplying patients with dysphagia with safe, reliable results, Thick & Easy is the UK's principal instant nutrition/food thickener.

  • Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
    Offers information and treatment resources for various eating disorders that affect people from all parts of the world. Includes advice for curing physicians.

  • Factor V Leiden
    Provides detailed information in regard to clotting disorders and includes a mailing list to communicate with others living with factor V Leiden.

  • Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
    A resource for those interested in learning more about gene replacement therapy for genetic conditions, especially those surrounding blood disorders like Hemophilia.

  • Hereditary Angioedema Association
    Provides a support and discussion group for people who suffer from the Hereditary Angioedema disorder. Explains symptoms that include episodes of swelling of the hands, feet, trunk, face, gut and airways. Also addresses therapies and procedures of relief.

  • LGS Treatment
    Users may learn about how BANZEL® (rufinamide) is a prescription add-on treatment proven to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) in adults and children.

  • Livengrin Foundation
    Treats adults with alcohol and drug addiction through a variety of treatment programs, counseling and services.

  • NeckReference
    Provides a comprehensive guide to cervical spine disorders, symptoms, and treatments. Also includes articles, stories, and a doctor locator.

  • Oncucare
    A nutraceutical company that specializes completely in oncologic (cancer) support.

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