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Maintaining youth. An eternal question. Well, many scholars, alchemists and ancient civilizations have tried to find an answer to this question. The elixir of youth, the fountain of youth and many other concepts of achieving "immortality" and youthful appearance have threaded through history over the centuries. All of these attempts have obviously failed, because aging and death are here for a reason; death is actually life's cleaning agent which cleans the old to make space for the new. Youth however, CAN be maintained to a certain degree. Real science and experiences show that you can maintain your youth if you live by certain rules.


Let's get pragmatic:


If you want to be successful at maintaining youth, you definitely have to find a way to reduce stress in your life, as stress is THE enemy of good health and longevity. If your job is well-paid, but highly stressful, replace it with a less paid, but a less stressful job. You will be happier. Your mental health is more important than money. If you are in a relationship with a partner who is the cause of your stress, end that relationship; it's better to live alone than with a person who makes you feel bad.


Try to organize your life in such way that you do important things at the same time every single day. Go to sleep and get up every day at the same time. Try to do the same with your meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your body likes order, not chaotic habits, and if you manage to accomplish that order, your body will thank you with longevity and youthful appearance.


Eat healthy. Eat three times a day every day at roughly the same time. Eat small meals and satisfy up to 80% of your appetite per meal (if you eat up 100% you'll feel heavy and sleepy and you will be unable to do anything other than lying in bed). However, If you satisfy only 80% of your metabolic needs, you'll feel 100% full after just 20 minutes (this is because your desire for food is delayed in relation to the actual food intake).

Practice a diverse and balanced diet. Eat a bit of everything. Humans are omnivores. Your body needs everything. You should keep that balance and try to avoid eating one type of food far more than the other (even red meat is good if consumed moderately). Eat natural food as much as you can. Avoid processed food and bad sugars. Your body is like an engine, and if you keep supplying it with quality fuel, it will keep running for decades to come. Youthful appearance included.


Forget about weight lifting. Your biceps are not keeping you alive. Your heart is. Do aerobic exercises (cardio). Do cardio 3 times a week. Cardio is GREAT for your circulatory system (heart and cardiovascular system), lungs and your overall health. Jogging and healthy diet are probably the best formula for maintaining youth. Athletes look 10 years younger for their age than other people.


Try to live a happy life. Have a hobby. Fall in love. Have sex. Do the things you love. Build new friendships. Be successful in your line of work.


If you are living in a densely populated area (especially with a lot of industry), consider moving to a more quiet location. An ideal choice would be to moving to a rural area. Somewhere where you can hear the birds instead of cars. This will reduce your exposure to stress.

The best way to maintain your youth is to outrun your formal age. This means that if you are 50 years old on paper, you should try to achieve that your body is actually 42 years old physiologically. You can accomplish that by following previous guidelines.