William Samson, MD offers a comprehensive set of plastic surgery options in New York City. These services combine both surgical and non-surgical treatments. On the surgical side, Dr. Samson performs an array of procedures focused on the breast, body, and face.

Overall, Dr. Samson's specialization in breast procedures is highly apparent, offering services that include augmentation, implant removal and revision, breast lift, reconstruction, and reduction. He also provides more niche selections including treatment for breast asymmetry, inverted nipple correction, and nipple reconstruction. There is also a male breast reduction service available.

Body procedures range from liposuction to tummy tucks, with a selection of more specific treatments such as arm lifts, belly button surgery, mommy makeover, and thigh lifts. Dr. Samson provides facial procedures too, with choices from eyelid surgery, facelifts, and neck lifts, to chin augmentation, and facial fat grafting.

Additionally, the Practice offers a significant range of non-surgical options with botox and dermal fillers. Notably, a service for skin cancer reconstruction is also provided, demonstrating Dr. Samson's commitment to addressing both cosmetic and health-related concerns.

Furthermore, patient resources are provided including financing options, which may contribute to making Dr. Samson's services accessible to a wider demographic of patients. Potential clients can view a gallery of past procedures that Dr. Samson has done, providing transparency and a level of assurance in the quality of his work.

In essence, Dr. William Samson's practice in New York City provides a wide array of surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery treatments. The options cater to numerous areas of the body, ensuring that any potential patient can find a fitting solution or improvement. The addition of patient resources and a gallery showcasing past procedures only adds to the comprehensive nature of the services available.

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