LASIK Portland, OR, officially known as Will Vision, is an establishment dedicated to laser eye surgery treatments. Primarily managed by Dr. Brian Will, a well-recognized ophthalmologist both locally and internationally, the center aims to provide solutions for vision-related problems, specifically in the specialized field of laser eye surgery.

Will Vision is known for its broad range of services, particularly procedures such as Wavefront-Guided Bladeless LASIK, Custom IntraLASIK, and Bladeless LASIK among others. In addition to these, they offer treatments like Wavefront Guided PRK and treatments for reading glasses (KAMRA), nearsightedness, and dry eyes. This shows the center's vast field of specialties when it comes to laser eye surgery and vision treatments.

Dr. Brian Will, the head of the center, boasts a tremendous amount of experience and recognition in the field of ophthalmology. He has performed over 75,000 laser refractive procedures and has proclaimed his expertise at numerous major scientific meetings globally over the past 20 years. Dr. Will's stature is evinced by his election to Best Doctors in America. His reputation, both regionally and worldwide, is one of professionalism and excellence.

Will Vision utilizes cutting-edge instruments and technology to offer the best services to their patients. The iDesign Wavefront, KAMRA Inlay, Advanced iFS Femtosecond Laser, Excimer Lasers, and Pentacam HR AcuTarget are few of the many top-notch equipment they use to ensure precision and efficiency in their processes.

The center is renowned for its connection with prominent firms like Johnson and Johnson Vision, Carl Zeiss, and CorneaGen. It is recognized as the only Center of Excellence by these companies in the Pacific Northwest. This affiliation with top-tier companies in the industry further demonstrates the center's commitment to high-quality service and its standing in the field.

Moreover, Will Vision offers an extensive resources section on their website, providing answers to common vision questions, LASIK FAQs and details on fees and financing, thereby equipping their patients with significant information about their treatments. They also provide in-office consultations, offering clients an opportunity to discuss their requirements and concerns directly.

Business address

Will Vision & Laser Centers
8100 NE Parkway Drive, Suite 125,
United States

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Phone: (877) 542-3937
Fax: (360) 326-2258