Salon Saver operates as a specialist insurance provider for several sectors in the beauty industry. Available from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm, potential clients can call 0800 121 8748 for any queries or quotes, or they can easily generate a quote online on the business website.

Their coverage extends across several niche sectors, including hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons, barbershops as well as mobile and freelance providers. For those studying or still in training, there are also insurance options available. Each offering is tailored to cater to the specific needs and risks that come with running these types of businesses.

Hair Salon Insurance from Salon Saver aims to provide comprehensive coverage to ensure the establishment operates without unnecessary concerns. This insurance is designed in a way to provide financial support in case of any unexpected incidents that may affect the operational capability of the establishment.

Beauty Salon Insurance offers all-around protection for all the treatments that a beauty salon might typically provide. This insurance option aims to shield the business not only for usual treatments, but also any unexpected incidents.

Their Nail Salon Insurance offers all-round protection that could help sustain business operations in case of incidents. This insurance product is designed to cover a wide range of possible incidents that might affect the regular operations of the business.

Salon Saver also provides a unique service for Freelance and Mobile Insurances. This includes coverage for hairdressers, face painters, and makeup artists that provide their services independently. These insurances aim to protect the professionals during their work, no matter the location.

For budding professionals in the beauty industry, Salon Saver also offers Student Insurance. This unique type of insurance is specifically designed to provide protection for students gaining practical experience in the industry.

Payments can be made online and the process for obtaining insurance coverage has been streamlined for ease and convenience. Overall, Salon Saver offers a specialized range of insurance products that are specifically designed for the different sectors of the beauty industry, both in salons and for freelance providers.

Business address

Salon Saver
Chancery House, St Nicholas Way,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 121 8748