Activeskin is an online beauty and cosmetics retailer offering a broad range of products from numerous brands. They house a massive collection of skincare items like serums, treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, lip care, and a variety of devices and tools for skincare. Activeskin's offering is not just limited to skincare, but also includes health supplements such as superfoods and collagen supplements.

Their skincare items are further divided into several categories. Under serums and treatments, they provide options like retinol serum, pigmentation serum, and exfoliating serum. Their cleansers collection includes gel and foaming cleansers, oil cleansers, cream and milk cleansers, micellar water, and face cleanser devices. When it comes to moisturizers, they offer day creams, night creams, and tinted moisturizers besides other products. Masks, toners, mists, facial scrubs, face peels, and skincare kits are also part of their skincare range.

Activeskin's promotional offers allow customers to save up to $60 on their purchases based on the amount spent. They have codes for different levels of spending where if a customer spends $125, they save $15 using the code SAVE15. For spending $230, they save $30 using code SAVE30. And if they spend $425, they can save $60 with the code SAVE60. A 25% discount is also offered on Avene products, with prices already marked down.

The platform showcases several trending and new brands like Dermalogica, Jane Iredale, SkinCeuticals, Medik8, and MCoBeauty, amongst others. Popular promo brands include SkinCeuticals, Jane Iredale, Bondiboost, and Environ. Users also have the opportunity to learn about the founders of featured brands like JSHealth Vitamins and get advice on which Omnilux device may be most suitable for their needs.

Overall, Activeskin stands as a broad online platform for any beauty product needs, providing varied options across different brands and categories. Its promotional offers further enhance its appeal to customers seeking quality products at discounted rates.

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