Is there something about your face or body that bothers you? At one point in life, someone must have asked you, "If there's one thing you would like to change about your body, what would it be?" I'm sure right now you are thinking about it. Most people have something about their bodies that they are just not content with. Sometimes we get a chance to do something about it, and sometimes we have to live with it for the rest of our lives.

This is one of those times where you just may get the opportunity to do something about it. Lyos is a website dedicated to the plastic surgery and dermatology practices done at Lyos Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates in Houston, TX. The main surgeon at the practice is the most sought-after plastic surgeon in Texas, Dr. Andrew Lyos. And this is what I have to say about the website.

The User Interface

The first thing you'll notice once the home page of the website finishes loading is the lovely lady whose face is so perfect she seems like a character from a fiery tale. I believe she is an example of the kind of results you should expect from the practice. Just like Dr. Lyos, the website is in a class of its own. You will have to be quite observant and a bit web savvy to navigate your way around the site at first. If you find yourself looking for the main navigation of the site, don't be surprised. It's not that it isn't there, it's just that like the kinds of surgery's Dr. Lyos does, it's subtle.

Look at the top right corner of the website for a symbol that looks like three horizontal bars and click on it. That's the main navigation of the website. You'll immediately notice that it hijacks the entire page. On the left side of the new interface that will show are the main menu items that will direct you to various pages on the site. When you click on the items with an arrowhead pointing to the right, more options appear on the right side of the screen.

Like I said, this website is in a class of its own. The chances that you will come across another website that behaves like this are very low. If you want to go back to the home page of the website after the main menu has hijacked the page, just look at the location where the symbol with three horizontal bar was, and notice that it will have changed to an "X'. Just click the "X" and the overwhelming main menu will disappear, revealing the home page.

Moreover, on the home page of the site, you'll discover some introductions about Dr. Lyos and his very impressive credentials. You will also realize some of the main services you are likely to receive from the practice. At the very bottom of the page, you will discover a different version of the main menu, one that looks like the conventional main menus you are accustomed to. If the earlier one was too much for you, perhaps you can use this one to maneuver around the site.

The images used on the website are very clear and captivating. They depict very beautiful people. It's difficult imagining that those are real people because of how perfect their faces and bodies look like. This Dr. Lyos must be a wizard of some sort, don't you think? Be that as it may, the images really make you consider rushing to Houston, Texas and kidnap Dr. Lyos so that he can work just on you; well until at least your face or body is that perfect. But that won't be necessary because you can always book an appointment with the practice and they will be ready for you as soon as possible. According to the website, the practice has been receiving quite a lot of patients since 2016. The good word is spreading like fire.

The general design of the Lyos website is unique. The practice seems to be fond of wavy lines because the pattern is repeated on each page of the website. Just look at the right side of each webpage and you'll notice the wavy line. Moreover, you'll also notice that as you scroll down the pages on the website, content and stuff fade in when you reach the position they were set to be. It's like one minute they are not there and the next they just show up. It's a nice effect.


The services offered by the practice are listed as some of the main menu items; Face, Breast, Body, Men, and MEDSPA. Just visit either of those pages to get a detailed information on what is there for you.


The website is filled with a lot of high-quality images, but they don't stand in the way of its performance. The pages load fairly fast. The website is also responsive; which means regardless of the screen size of the device being used to access it, no discomfort should be experienced.

The Lyos website is very interesting, captivating, and beautiful. The main menu may be tricky to locate but once located, everything else will be smooth. Its performance is good and any smart person should have an easy time exploring it.

Business address

Lyos Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Associates
9230 Katy Freeway, Ste 420,
United States

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Phone: +1-713-799-8989