Dr. Andrew Lyos is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon based in both Houston and The Woodlands, TX. He delivers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures in his state-of-the-art facilities, earning him a strong reputation for his skills and experience.

A prominent procedure segment in Dr. Lyos' clinic focuses on facial surgeries. These range from facelifts and neck lifts to rhinoplasty and ear surgery. He also offers distinctive facial augmentation procedures, which include cheek, chin, and lip augmentation. Dr. Lyos also provides a service for buccal fat removal along with fat transfer. Other offerings in his vast facial procedures selection are brow lift, eyelid surgery, and scar improvement.

Beyond facial operations, Dr. Lyos' clinic caters to the demand for breast surgeries. He conducts corrective procedures such as breast revision and breast reconstruction, along with enhancement surgeries that include breast augmentation and breast lift. The clinic also offers a service for breast reduction.

For body enhancement and modification, Dr. Lyos provides an array of procedures. These include tummy tucks, different types of liposuction, arm rejuvenation, and Brazilian butt lifts. A unique service offered in Dr. Lyos's clinic is High-Def Liposuction. The practice also renders mommy makeover services, body lifts, and cellulite reduction operations. The clinic further implements processes for skin tightening using Ellacor and Renuvion, and fat transfers.

Dr. Lyos also offers a range of procedures specific to men's needs, including abdominal etching and hair restoration, as well as facelifts, neck lifts, and rhinoplasty surgeries. Gynecomastia treatment and waist contouring are also provided. For minimally invasive procedures, the surgeon offers a Minimally Invasive Neck Lift.

Lastly, the clinic provides a wellness and weight loss segment, as well as a range of injectables for both the body and face. The Medspa encompasses an offering of wellness and weight loss procedures along with injectables for body and face.

Dr. Lyos also ensures to provide patient resources like virtual consultation and new patient forms. He offers a clear price list and information about payment and financing options. His website also provides a gallery to showcase his work, along with skin care products to complement the services offered by his clinic.

In conclusion, Dr. Andrew Lyos operates a comprehensive plastic surgery practice that caters to a broad set of patient needs and preferences in the field of facial, breast, body, and male-specific procedures, in addition to offering wellness, weight loss, and injectables in his clinic.

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Lyos Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Associates
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Phone: +1-713-799-8989