Plastic Surgery Seattle, known as Allure Esthetic, is an established plastic surgery practice offering a wide range of services. Spearheaded by Dr. Sajan, a reputed plastic surgeon, the clinic provides a vast range of procedures for patients seeking cosmetic adjustments.

Among the broad spectrum of services offered are surgeries for the body such as arm lift, body lift, Brazilian butt lift, high definition liposuction, and tummy tuck procedures, among others. Particularly notable is that they offer various options for tummy tucks, including revisions and mini, plus size, and those that also come with inner thigh liposuction. The clinic also provides procedures focusing on more specific needs such as fat transfers and thigh lifts, and breast augmentation that may be accompanied by a tummy tuck.

For non-surgical requirements, the clinic offers treatments including laser hair removal and non-surgical Brazilian butt lift. The clinic also provides botox treatments for specific conditions like trapezius hypertrophy, axillary hyperhidrosis, and palmar hyperhidrosis.

Allure Esthetic is also experienced in performing breast-related surgeries that cater to differing patient requirements. The range spans across breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast revision, among others. Procedures such as saline implant deflation and silicone implant rupture repair are also provided.

Further highlighting its comprehensive service spectrum, Allure Esthetic also addresses facial procedures. Although specific details are lacking, the breadth of their offered services implies a well-rounded expertise in facial plastic surgery procedures as well.

Plastic Surgery Seattle's extensive range of services confirms its commitment to provide solutions for an array of patient needs. Furthermore, the establishment's detailed patient resources, such as hours and directions, cancellation policy, nearby hotels and patient intake forms, reiterate its dedication to patient care. To cope with the evolving pandemic situation, the clinic has clearly defined Covid-19 procedures, underlining its responsibility towards patient safety. While specifics about these procedures are not mentioned, their inclusion shows a commitment to adapting to the current health climate.

For those seeking an instant quote, Allure Esthetic provides an option to receive one instantly, further facilitating a seamless experience for prospective patients. It appears that they value both the quality of their medical services and the overall patient experience, which speaks positively of their approach to patient care.

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Allure Esthetic
1455 NW Leary Way Suite 449,
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Phone: (206) 209-0988