Dentox is a premier institution specializing in Botox training and certification. With a strong presence in numerous cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Boston, Chicago, and more, Dentox cater to a broad range of students seeking to add a new skill set to their practice. The company prides itself on its standing as an industry forerunner amongst continuing education providers. As such, it guarantees trainees a vital opportunity to gain the necessary skills from a respected entity in the sector.

With a commitment to both online and in-person instruction, Dentox's curriculum encompasses a comprehensive scope of training, highlighting Botox and dermal filler applications. The course structures are interactive, making sure students get a substantial hands-on experience. It's noteworthy that they even extend private training for students who require a more tailored course delivery.

At the helm of Dentox's instructional team is Dr. Howard Katz, DDS, leading instructor, and course director. Dr. Katz is widely acknowledged as a trailblazer in the arena of Botox certification. He is found on the patent applications for Botulinum toxin, further establishing his clear authority and expertise in the field. Furthermore, his innovation isn't limited to Botox alone. His name is also attached to the patent application for gel dermal filler formulations and Oraverse, an anesthetic reversal product.

Dr. Katz is not only a leading figure in medical innovation but continues to practice as a general dentist. His wide-ranging contributions to the industry include research into using sugar alcohols like xylitol and sorbitol in dentistry dating back almost 40 years. Moreover, he introduced Botox and gel filler injections into dental offices more than a decade ago.

Overall, Dentox is a considerable choice for those in the medical and dental field seeking to advance their careers with Botox and dermal filler training. Potential students can anticipate acquiring comprehensive and cutting-edge knowledge, given Dentox's commitment to providing quality education, its extensive location coverage, and a curriculum delivered by a recognized innovator in the field.