A perfect body, with a perfect face. That seems to be everyone's dream, desire, wish, and the one thing they would like to change about themselves. Of course, there are those who already possess these things, thanks to genetics. But still, this may be every other person's one wish. Dr. Neil Tanna M.D. is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, and body. His practice is in Long Island, Lake Success, NY and Manhattan, New York. If you are in the need of a perfect body or face, or you'd like to make a slight adjustment here and there, you may find yourself drawn to his website (https://www.neiltanna.com/). Well, this is what you should expect of it.

The General Appearance

Dr. Tanna's website is one of the most beautiful,interesting, and professionally done websites you'll come across today. Once the home page loads, you'll be introduced to the site with a slideshow that alternates between two photos of two lovely ladies with perfect faces and two photos of Dr. Tanna (in one he is in his surgical gear and the other he is in his official gear). There is a "Play" button in the middle of the slideshow. Click it and a short YouTube video will load, giving a brief introduction of Dr. Tanna and his practice.

You may find yourself wondering where the main menu of the website is. It is conventional for the main menu of most websites to be presented at the top of the website as a long horizontal bar with the various menu item. But this is not true of Dr. Tanna's website. Things are different here. Instead of the conventional long horizontal bar that appears somewhere at the top of the website, the main menu in Dr. Tanna's website has been presented as a white square button with three black horizontal bars in the middle, at the top right corner of the website. when clicked, the main menu of the website takes over your entire screen. To its left, you'll find the main menu items. Some of them have tiny arrowheads to their right. The arrowheads are indications that those particular menu items have more items under them; submenus. If you click on any of the menu items with arrowheads, their submenu's will be presented on the right side of the main menu. If you click any other item without an arrowhead, then you'll immediately be directed to the page the menu item links to. If you are done with the main menu and it's still in charge of your entire screen, to get rid of it, just click on the same square you clicked to reveal it. Notice that this time, the three horizontal bars in the middle will have turned into an "X". Just click on it and the main menu will disappear to reveal the page you were on previously. The main menu button is accessible at all times, regardless of where you are on a page.

Something that's really impressive about the website is the way its contents fly in as you explore the site. It is a very cool animation. And also one that's not common on most websites. Regardless of which page you are on the site, whenever you are scrolling down, the contents of the page will just fly in. They make the website feel alive.

The entire website is neatly arranged, and I couldn't help appreciating the way things keep moving as you navigate its web pages. The main color scheme of the site contains black, and grey; more like shades of grey. The images used on the website are of a high quality. They are super clear and depict people with perfect bodies and faces. I don't think you need any more inspiration or motivation.


The website has various photos depicting the kinds of results you should expect from Dr. Tanna. It also contains quite a lot of content. Regardless of all these, the pages on the site load quite fast. The website is also responsive, which means anyone interested in the site can access it using any device, despite its screen size.

Dr. Tanna's website is very professional looking, well arranged, and responsive. Its performance is good, it's easy to navigate, and anyone looking for a "facelift" should have no problem whatsoever finding their way around it.

Business address

Neil Tanna Plastic Surgery
130 E. 77th St. 10th Floor,
New York,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 212-485-0095