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Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery, which aims to enhance the overall physical appearance of a person. Cosmetic surgery was initially popularized during the World War I, when young soldiers were provided a face lift after severe injuries during the battle. After a few years, this technique became the most preferred choice for the rich and elite class of people, who wished to look younger. This beauty-enhancing surgery is now in vogue among all kind of people and there are several clinics everywhere specializing in this procedure.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Prerequisites of a cosmetic surgery

A cosmetic surgery involves modification of the face and body. Hence, it is vital to hire a qualified and experienced surgeon who can suggest the best option with guaranteed results. A patient should clearly discuss his expectations and obtain a detailed elucidation of the procedure, healing time and the anticipated outcome from the cosmetic surgeon. The medical advancements have recently devised softwares, which map the face and display the post-surgery result.

The medical insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures as admissible expenses for reimbursement and hence, a patient needs to pay the surgery costs out of his own pocket. Check the all-inclusive price of the surgery and ensure that this cost fits into the budget.

This treatment also requires some healing time, like other surgeries. Ensure that the requisite healing period is available after the surgical procedure.

Types of cosmetic surgery

Each body piece can be corrected and modified to bring out a perfect shape and figure through the aid of this surgery. This technique involves both surgical and non-surgical procedures which aim to improve the appearance of a person.

There are various image enhancing surgeries performed on the face and head. The most common technique is reshaping of the nose which is mostly done through incisions through the nostrils. Lips can be enhanced by the use of collagen or fat injections, that are readily absorbed by the body. Eye lifts can be done by cutting the eyelids along their complete length and removing excess fat from them. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be removed by way of laser resurfacing or collagen injections. Cheeks and chin are uplifted through implants inserted via tiny incisions in the the inner mouth.

The procedure designed to change the overall look of the face is known as a face lift and is performed by cutting skin from the scalp and behind the ear. This skin is then detached from its tissues and stitched by pulling it tight around the face. Chemical peel is a non-surgical technique used to treat specific skin problems like deep skin pigmentation. The chemical burns the surface and the healing process trigger growth of fresh skin. Dermabrasion is another non-surgical procedure wherein the rough base of fast rotating pads scrubs the skin surface. The new skin grows in due course of healing of the rubbed skin.

Other techniques of the surgery involve correction of irregularities in the rest of the body. Liposuction is a course of sucking the fatty tissues from the hips, thighs and waist. The method of abdominoplasty is used to flatten stomach and remove stretch marks and wrinkles around the waist. Breast enlargement requires insertion of silicone or saline implants through the armpits or the area under the breasts. Reduction of breasts can also be performed by way of sucking up excess fats through needle incision.


A cosmetic surgery involves physical and psychological changes in the body. Hence, it is pertinent to conduct an in-depth study of the procedure and outcome before proceeding with the operation. This surgery also carries risks of excessive bleeding, skin scarring, infections and prolonged healing time.