The official website of Chromatotherapy Method Agrapart offers an in-depth understanding of this scientific method of using colored radiations, a practice that was created 40 years ago by Dr. Christian Agrapart. The site promotes the concept that each color or wavelength emits a consistent biological and psychological effect on a living organism, making it a cornerstone of energy medicine.

This comprehensive site outlines what Chromatotherapy is, its origins, as well as the differences between Chromotherapy and Chromatotherapy. An informative section is dedicated to training, providing aspiring practitioners with the necessary resources including information on training days, educators and future dates for 2023 and 2024. The website also incorporates a specifically dedicated section about Chromatotherapy in Switzerland.

In addition to the educational resources, the website offers a robust bibliography and a diverse collection of articles, which range from press releases to scientific papers and special reports. These tackle an assortment of topics such as the relationship between Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Covid-19 and Chromatotherapy.

There are also readily accessible video conferences and interviews featuring Dr. Agrapart, providing visitors with an audio-visual learning option. The site is consistently updated, ensuring that the latest news and events related the field are promptly shared with its audience. For instance, the update made in September 2023 about the latest developments being published on the website, Facebook and YouTube channel.

For those interested in becoming part of this methodology, there is a list of therapists as well as a uniquely crafted forum for interaction. Under the management of CEREC (Center for the Study and Research of Colors), the website hosts the program for the 46th Color Meetings scheduled for September 23, 2023. Those who wish to attend are invited to email and receive an invitation, availability permitting.

Last but not least, the site includes an online store, although its contents are not explicitly detailed in the scraped content.

Overall, Dr. Agrapart's official Chromatotherapy website is an extensive resource hub that provides a wealth of information about the science and practice of this energy medicine methodology. The site effectively integrates text, video materials as well as interactive elements to deliver a comprehensive user-friendly study platform for professional and amateur enthusiasts alike. Dr. Agrapart's site stands as an authoritative figure in the world of Chromatotherapy.