Herbal House NZ is an established company offering hydroponic systems and indoor growing supplies in New Zealand. Upon visiting their website, the first feature that catches the eye is their vast array of new arrivals, showcasing the company's commitment to keeping their product line up-to-date. Whether you are a gardening novice or a seasoned horticultural expert, you can explore their latest offerings and find items that meet your needs.

Upon further exploration, one discerns that the company partners with AC Infinity, reinforcing their pledge to deliver high-quality, value-for-money products. This partnership has allowed Herbal House NZ to offer an expansive choice in grow tents, tent accessories, and LED grow lights among other items. The AC Infinity range extends to carbon filters, controllers, adaptors, and ventilation hardware, while their grow packages neatly bundle everything a customer would need to start an indoor garden.

Further delving into the range, Herbal House NZ's selection of grow tents is impressive, demonstrating pride in offering superior quality indoor grow tents suitable for various requirements. Ranging from ultra yield grow tents to AC Infinity Cloudlab tents, each product appears tailored to accommodate different dimensions and complexities of indoor gardens. An additional feature is that most tents are available in varying shapes and sizes to ensure easy placement and set-up.

The company also accentuates their grow light offerings. Although detailed specifics about the lights weren't bulleted in the content, it is clear that the firm has specialized in these products, heralding optimal plant growth under artificial light conditions.

Verdict: Herbal House NZ offers an extensive variety of hydroponic systems and indoor growing supplies, with its wide product portfolio and commitment to high-quality products. The company ensures to bring the latest items into its inventory and stays abreast with comprehensive indoor farming solutions from renowned brands such as AC Infinity. Their stand-out features are the grow tents which come in different shapes and sizes, catering to multiple plant growing needs. Herbal House NZ's commitment to providing specialized lighting options for indoor farming enhances their positioning as a dependable supplier for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

While the website provides a broad overview of their offerings, a deeper investigation into each product category would provide potential customers with finer details. Nonetheless, Herbal House NZ undoubtedly comes through as a one-stop-shop for all indoor farming supplies in New Zealand.

Business address

Herbal House - Hydroponic Supplies NZ
70 Wharf Road, Te Atatū Peninsula,
Auckland ,
New Zealand

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Phone: 09-218 3538