Chios Energy Healing, as presented on its official website, purports to be the most highly developed and potent aura and chakra healing modality in the world. This assertion rests on the system's evolution over a period of 25 years, during which it underwent extensive research and testing. The teaching and learning progression of the healing system is through three levels: Healing Level I, Healing Level II, and Healing Level III.

Healing Level I introduces the learner to channeling and sensing the energy field along with introducing the chakra system. It also provides an outline and procedures for disease treatment. Healing Level II adds a degree of complexity with the inclusion of symbols and visualization, assessment of treatment needs, aura charging and viewing the chakra colors. It also addresses advanced procedures such as sealing leaks and tears and unblocking chakras. Healing Level III pushes the boundary of the healing arts by exploring the seven aura layers, correcting the energy flow, and distance healing alongside advanced methodologies like chakra charging, radiatory method, and seventh layer healing.

Complementing these training levels, Chios Energy Healing also provides learners with instructional material on meditation techniques and procedures. Not limiting itself to typical meditation processes, Chios also delves into intuitive self-reading, empathic perception, and thought communication as part of its advanced meditation module. Self-healing and body energies exercise are well blended into the model, promising a holistic self-realization approach.

Chios Energy Healing not only offers fundamental healing techniques but also presents a series of advanced breakthrough methods such as chakra system rebalancing and frisson healing. These techniques, according to the Chios program, represent pioneering advances in energy healing and are unique to their system.

Chios Energy Healing has a rich and varied array of components that range from healing to meditation. Designed as a comprehensive suite, it appeals to those on a self-realization journey or seeking deeper knowledge and expertise in energy healing. However, the claimed superiority and exclusivity of Chios methodologies should be evaluated by individual users based on their personal experiences and outcomes, as the site's content does not offer corroborative evidence or third-party assessments to support these claims.