Satya Center is an online holistic platform focused on providing products and services aimed at fostering spiritual healing and growth. These offerings include sales from their crystal store, intuitive counseling sessions, Tarot readings, and Reiki healing. Furthermore, they provide a plethora of information through various blogs, books, and artistry from Jane's Studio.

The crystal store at Satya Center carries a wide range of items. Featured products include not only an array of crystals in all shapes and sizes, but also specialized crystal tools like bowls, hearts, pendulums, spheres, and beads. Additionally, customers with more specific interests can explore the collector's corner, gemstones, jewelry, among others. To enhance the buyer experience, they provide monthly sales such as a 20% discount storewide, excluding already discounted Vogel Wands, a popular product among the crystal enthusiasts.

Jane's Studio, another section of the Satya Center, offers an artistic perspective on spiritual growth and healing. The studio showcases artist books, drawings, digital art, mixed media, and photographs, all of which carry a unique spiritual resonance. Talismans, a significant aspect of spiritual symbolism and healing, also feature prominently. This makes the studio a dynamic destination for followers of the new age culture.

In the Services and Sessions section, Satya Center offers Reiki, an alternative therapy method, Tarot readings for introspection and guidance, and intuitive counseling - a psychological approach towards personal growth and solving issues. Talismanic meditations and artwork commissions are also available, adding further depth to their service range.

The digital resource section, featuring blog posts and books cover topics ranging from cosmic weather forecasts, to providing a well-rounded perspective on global news, love, poetry, and food, to health and healing information. One of the unique sections here is Crystalpedia, a comprehensive resource for understanding the spiritual significance of various crystals.

On a final note, Satya Center provides customer-friendly policies such as free domestic shipping on orders over $99. Alongside their diverse offerings, the company incorporates various communication channels for customer inquiries, including an accessible contact number and email, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Verdict: Satya Center sets itself apart as a comprehensive spiritual healing and growth platform. Their diverse collection of crystals, services like Reiki and Tarot readings, coupled with a rich resource of blogs and books, contribute towards establishing the company as a go-to source for spiritual learning and healing products.