TechCrunch is a member of the vast Yahoo family of brands which includes sites and applications such as AOL and Yahoo, along with their digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising. Being part of Yahoo's extensive network allows TechCrunch to offer a significant range and depth of content to its users.

Operating with the help of Cookies and similar technology like web storage, TechCrunch provides its users with a customised experience. This technology allows the website and app operators to store and retrieve information from the user's device, effectively enhancing the user experience. In addition to simply providing content, the application of Cookies also helps TechCrunch to authenticate users, enforce security measures, and measure the use of their sites and apps.

To further customize the user experience, TechCrunch, in partnership with Yahoo, makes use of cookies to display personalized content and advertisements based on the user's interest profiles. This approach not only enables a personalized experience but also aids in the measurement of the effectiveness of such personalized ads and content. It also aids in the development and improvement of their products and services.

For users concerned about privacy, TechCrunch offers the option to manage privacy settings and adjust how personal data is used within the platform. Users are given the option to 'Accept all' or 'Reject all' with regards to the use of Cookies and their personal data. Further customisation is available via the 'Manage privacy settings' option.

These settings can be accessed and changed at any time through the 'Privacy and cookie settings' or 'Privacy dashboard' links available on their sites and apps. TechCrunch assures users of its commitment to data privacy via its privacy policy and cookie policy.