w3schools is one of the best website for self learner or a fresher who want to earn some web base knowledge from home. I know this site is pretty known by some that are now excellent when it comes to web programming. W3schools.com is a very valuable website that has tutorials and references relating to web development subjects, including HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It has also server tutorials like SQL, ASP, ADO, PHP, ASP.NET and .NET Mobile and others such as: XML tutorials, Browser Scripting, Multi Media like Flash, SVG, SMIL and lastly you will know about website Building.

I bet beginners will learn with w3school as their resources. Its genre of tutorial is what makes it easy, it progress step by step and provide you knowledge from its basic. While learning it also gives you some assignments base on your topic and also how to complete that assignment and also quiz are available on each topic and also you can give certification exams. There are lots of sites in the World Wide Web that is similar to w3schools but personally I would prefer w3school as my reference, why?

The site is very easy to navigate which of course learners wish for; all of the subjects are listed on the main page which is a good one, it would be easy for the users to choose the tutorial that he/she would like to learn. The site is incredibly useful, highly organized, follows strict standards of development and is Free of charge. Isn't it amazing?

Here you could have some knowledge and it doesn't stop there though because w3schools.com is FREE of any charge all you have to do is visit the site and browse for the tutorials that you want to learn.