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If you've ever bought a new software or piece of equipment, then you'll probably appreciate the importance of having a how-to guide on hand. Such guides can show you how to properly assemble and operate new hardware or install new software. To the average user, these guides are worth their weight in gold.

Tutorials can help those who bought a new software program learn how to use it for the first time, as well as help those who have experience with these and other programs, but would like to either freshen up their skills or learn new ways to optimize their user experience. These guides also contain helpful hints and other professional tips that can help not only casual users, but also professionals as well.

Tutorials and how-to guides often come in either in hardbound and soft cover book forms or in an easily viewable online form, usually in the form of a PDF file or a comprehensive HTML website.

Most tutorials come with a price tag, but there are quite a few guides that can be found online for free. All it takes is a bit of diligent searching. In this regard, Jasminedirectory.com is a good place to look for more tutorials and guides.

Whenever you have achieved a computer or an electronic part, you need to pay attention to the user`s guide. After you read the guide you will find out what you should not do in order to protect your computer from any damage that may not be covered by the warantee and you will also find out how to make it work in the most efficient way without facing any problems.

Tutorials come in hand whether if you are playing a computer game and you could use some help or you just want to learn how to operate a system. You can find online hundreds of tutorial on different topics, but in order to find the tutorial that you need you have to browse through hundreds of pages. Instead of wasting time looking for tutorials for which you may struggle finding several hours, try this web directory which will list you only the most relevants result according to the tutorial you are trying to find.

To sum up, tutorials and guides are essential to every beginner because they explain in a logical and understandable manner every step that an user should take in order to succeed in using a program or an electronic device such as a computer and its peripheric devices. Tutorials and guides can come as guide books, audio CDs, videos or Internet web pages with text. Either way, tutorials and guides turn out to be efficient.

With Jasminedirectory.com, you can find the information you need on tutorials and guides, with hundreds of links to key websites containing the information you are looking for. This online directory is free of charge and does not require registration, making this the perfect free directory for your needs.

With hundreds of categories and subcategories, you can optimize your search parameters and come up with exactly what you need. Unlike ordinary search engines, you don't have to sift through tons of information that you don't want and don't need.