Testing and Review Websites web directory: 30 resources.

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  • MeridianThemes
    A premium themes shop where you can find minimalist themes and templates.

  • MIT Technology Reviews
    Authoritative resource providing users with all sorts of technology reviews.

  • Mobile Tech Review
    Comprehensive reviews on all mobile gadgets available. New items are constantly featured with comprehensive overlooks on their functionality and technical specs.

  • NDTV Gadgets
    News items and reviews for popular and upcoming gadgets.

  • Paper Shredder Pros
    Comprehensive news and review site about paper shredders. Here you will find everything you need to know about paper shredding and the humble paper shredder.

  • PC Magazine: Reviews
    Offers reviews on tablets, cell phones, desktops, laptops and many more gadgets. Includes reviews of servers, storage, printers and software.

  • T3 – The Gadget Website
    Offers in-depth reviews and overlooks on trending gadgets.

  • Telegraph: Technology
    Official page from the popular publication related to technology. Includes news, reviews of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and even OS reviews.

  • Tom's Hardware
    Popular resource features news, reviews and tests done on popular and trending gadgets.

  • Web Designers Hamilton
    An award winning web design company in Hamilton, Ontario. They specialize in high quality websites with exceptional design, structure and speed which are factors in search engine optimization. Balla Media is a Google Partner.

  • Website Builder Reviews
    Provides reviews and comparisons of the most popular website builders. Apart from the general information, the site contains ratings and in-depth comparisons of the well-known platforms.

  • Wired: Latest Reviews
    Up to date reviews for all sorts of gadgets, from smart watches, to smartphones, tablets, laptops and other similar products. Constantly updated resource for technology aficionados.

  • Anandtech EP
    This website features hardware analysis and various news on relevant themes.

  • Dan's Data EP
    Features reviews of new and relevant computer hardware and software.

  • Digital Trends
    Trends, news items and reviews related to all sorts of available gadgets, upcoming gadgets and software options, along with game reviews and movie reviews. Brand review and new items are also featured.

  • Engadget
    Offers personalized gadget reviews, including hands-on approaches and user experiences with the gadgets featured.

  • Fipe.net
    VPN reviews and feedback from their users. Articles and guides are featured as well.

  • Gizmodo: Reviews
    Operating under the slogan "Tech by Design", Gizmodo offers comprehensive reviews on selected products. They often take material from their regional websites and translate it to their main site.

  • Hardwarezone EP
    It features extensive reviews, promos, pricelists and a PC clinic.

  • New Cnet EP
    Offers reviews of hardware, software and consumer electronics devices.

  • Pocket-lint EP
    Offers news, reviews and features everything from digital cameras to PC games and hardware.

  • Reliable Ip TV
    Homestrong 4k iptv will take your Television viewing experience from passive to active by turning it interactive. At present, you just switch channels and are able to view only those channels or content which is being thrown at you.

  • Reviews EP
    Website offers access to reviews and technical articles, as well as books dedicated to technical professionals.

  • Reviews online EP
    Offers evaluations of mobile devices, notebooks, software and many other products.

  • Sharkyforums EP
    This is a 3d graphics card and games website that is updated daily reviews and previews.

  • The Verge: Reviews
    Reviews for gadgets like cameras, laptops, e-readers, tablets and cellphones. Each item is given a score, called the Verge Score, based on their performance.

  • TheConsumerBasket
    A source of buying advice and tech-related news.

  • TheVPNShop.com EP
    A VPN comparison website of its kind which aims to put the power of shopping for VPNs firmly back into the customer's hands. The firm has reviewed over 70 over the worlds top VPNs to find the best VPN services to give their users the fastest speeds with the highest encryption.

  • vpnAlert
    A resource for choosing best VPN service. Offers clear, accurate action points for anonymity.

  • Whatsmydns.net EP
    A free DNS propagation online tool which performs a DNS lookup to check a domain name's current IP address.

Testing and Review Websites Web Directory

Whenever you're in doubt about what application to use, what software option to install or what kind of device to buy, check out this section on our directory. It features a comprehensive list of websites which offer information about testing and complete reviews of your favorite devices, software applications and technology trends.

While in most cases people rely on what the manufacturer tells them in terms of technical specs and functionality, most people would agree that the personal opinion or experience of another user counts a lot more than your standard technical specs.

Reading through the resources listed here will allow you to create a personal opinion on whatever it is you've set your eyes on. We strive to promote quality resources which can help you decide quickly and fairly on what to spend your time or money on.

Make sure you check in often to get a general idea of what's trending in the online world, both in terms of available resources, digital trends, popular devices and software options. And always remember that personal human experience counts a whole lot more than marketing strategies that the big companies employ to promote their products.