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Whenever you're in doubt about what application to use, what software option to install or what kind of device to buy, check out this section on our directory. It features a comprehensive list of websites which offer information about testing and complete reviews of your favorite devices, software applications and technology trends.

While in most cases people rely on what the manufacturer tells them in terms of technical specs and functionality, most people would agree that the personal opinion or experience of another user counts a lot more than your standard technical specs.

Reading through the resources listed here will allow you to create a personal opinion on whatever it is you've set your eyes on. We strive to promote quality resources which can help you decide quickly and fairly on what to spend your time or money on.

Make sure you check in often to get a general idea of what's trending in the online world, both in terms of available resources, digital trends, popular devices and software options. And always remember that personal human experience counts a whole lot more than marketing strategies that the big companies employ to promote their products.