GeeksAKnockin', a renowned provider of residential computer support, made a strategic shift in their focus which led to the discontinuation of their residential computer support services as of October 1st, 2018. Guided by an evolving business strategy, GeeksAKnockin' has decided to pivot its focus exclusively to its fast-growing business division, AlwaysOnIT, which specifically deals with business IT consulting.

The decoupling of the residential support business is a reflection of the company's overt strategic shift towards business IT consulting, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. While the cessation of residential support might come as a surprise to some, it is part of the company's long-term vision to streamline its offerings and optimize its focus to better cater to its growing business segment.

Even in the face of changes, GeeksAKnockin' has ensured a smooth transition for its residential customers by recommending a reliable contact for future residential computer support. Former field technician, Jackie Gibbs, well-recognized within the company, has reportedly taken up the task of looking after the company's residential referral business going forward. This move is a calculated effort to still serve their residential customer base indirectly, ensuring they are not left unsupported.

Jackie, known for his adept technological skills and customer-oriented approach, can be reached directly for any residential computer support needs. It appears, this shift in operational focus is mirrored by a thoughtful concern for continuous customer service.

The Owner, Chris Benson, in his message conveyed gratitude towards their loyal customers for their unwavering support over the years. It's clear the company wishes to maintain a positive relationship with its existing customer base as they transition towards this new operational phase.

Although the company is venturing into a new business focus, they seem to balance well between their growth aspirations and their commitment to provide continuous support to their erstwhile customer base. Their strategic change is not only a testament to their evolving business footprint but also reflects a sense of responsibility towards their customers. These changes hint at a dynamic, customer-centric business model while setting the stage for the next chapter in their journey.

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2459 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy #295,
United States

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Phone: 503-601-4335
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