VINR Corp is an India-based company providing a wide variety of services. The company specializes primarily in outsourced data entry, offering clients in India and worldwide accurate and fast data entry services. The company has a corps of experts who efficiently handles the process of data input. VINR Corp is touted for their prompt delivery and smooth process, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to outsource their data entry work.

Additional services provided by VINR Corp are web designing and development. They approach each project by first understanding the unique needs of a business - considering its industry, target audience, and inherent strengths and weaknesses. Through this, they endeavor to promote and enhance their clients' online presence.

VINR Corp also provides graphics designing services. Their goal in this area is to ensure businesses remain competitive by creating stunning visuals that will appeal to the clienteles of their clients. With their graphics design services, they strive to elevate the image and branding of a company.

In addition, VINR Corp offers a comprehensive range of image processing services. They are recognized as one of the leading outsourcing companies in this field. Their image processing services include a variety of techniques such as clipping path, background removal, image cutouts, image retouching, picture editing, color correction, and image masking.

Furthermore, VINR Corp is equipped to handle back-office management duties. However, details about this particular service are limited in the provided text.

In conclusion, VINR Corp is a multi-faceted company that has positioned itself as a reliable outsourcing partner. Their expertise in diverse fields like data entry, web development, image processing, and graphics design enables them to offer a wide array of services that cater to different business needs. The company's focus on understanding their clients' unique requirements allows them to provide tailored solutions that aim towards business enhancement.