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  • Acer: Tablets
    Official page portraying tablets produced by Acer. Each series of tablets has its own products featured and lots of information on their selected devices.

  • Apple: iPad EP
    The official page for Apple's iPad. Offers comprehensive information on the tablet, its functionality and the ideas that have driven the company to come up with the latest model.

  • Lenovo: Tablets
    Official page of Lenovo tablets available on the market. Details, technical specs and presentations are available.

  • Samsung: Galaxy Tab
    The official page for the Galaxy Tab, brought on the market by global manufacturer Samsung. Offers details on every tablet they made, including technical specs and info about where to buy it from.

  • Toshiba: Tablets
    Toshiba's tablet page, featuring the Toshiba Excite series. Offers comprehensive information about the product, technical specs and presentations for marketing purposes.

  • Engadget: Tablets
    Offers a list of articles, news items, reviews and other information related to tablets. Featured articles, hands-on, how-to guides and previews are also available.

  • Intel: Tablets
    Features all of Intel's proprietary tablets, including advice on choosing the right kind of device for your personal needs.

Tablet PCs Web Directory

With their history tracing back to fiction writing, Tablet PCs have been around for quite a while, albeit not as performance-driven and flexible in terms of delivering their functionality as they are these days.

In a nutshell, a Tablet PC is a mix between a mobile device such as a smartphone and a regular PC or laptop. With high performance capabilities, multi-touch technology implemented on anti-glare, high definition screens and supporting Wi-Fi internet connections along with mobile data connections for some devices, the tablet computer has become the preferred way through which over 30% of internet users browse the web.

While tablets started getting noticed more and more often in the spotlight starting with 2000, it wasn't until 2010 that a commercially viable and successful tablet was introduced through Apple's iPad. It ran the iOS operating system and devices which followed suit from Apple still use updated versions of the OS. Samsung soon hit the market as well, running on the Android operating system even though not as successfully as Apple. For now, the most successful tablets in use are Apple's iPad, Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Barnes and Noble Nook.

Tablets often feature longer battery life than smartphones or that of a similar (in terms of size) laptop. They are primarily used through applications developed for the OS they are built on. These applications allow users to play games, use utilities and increase the overall functionality of the Tablet PC. Samsung recently announced that it was about to deliver the first tablet which can run two OSs simultaneously (Android and Windows 8), allowing users to synch data between the two and switch from one to the other without having to reboot the device.

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