The Ensign contractor software platform is designed for commercial contractors as well as small businesses. Specializing in different trades such as mechanical, electrical, insulation, and ductwork, the software comes equipped with numerous advanced features including On-Screen Take-Off Estimating, Quantity Surveying, and CAD Drawing functionality. This comprehensive offering places Ensign as a holistic solution for contractors seeking an integrated platform to manage their tasks efficiently.

Furthermore, Ensign positions itself as a user-friendly tool, believing contractors do not need to be software experts to secure jobs effectively and promptly. This focus on the user experience, combined with the added convenience of being a cloud-based software, allows users to access their Ensign platform from anywhere, be it on a PC or Mac. This flexibility may be important for contractors on the move, providing them with accessibility to valuable tools and resources at their convenience.

The Ensign team provides a 1:1 training for new users and continually offers support throughout the usage. This illustrates a company that is committed to enhancing the user journey, alleviating any software-related pain points. The extent of this support service received positive remarks from customers, further solidifying Ensign's dedication to its client base.

The testimonials of its users shed light on the efficiency of the software. Users have expressed satisfaction and comfort in navigating the software. The training has been termed as 'brilliant', the system described as 'easy to use,' and customer service stated as 'excellent.' One customer mentioned that the software had halved their take-off and estimating time, underpinning the operational efficiency that Ensign offers to its users.

Potential users interested in the software can register online for a free 30-minute demo, allowing an individual to explore the features of the software and determine its suitability for personal use. Ensign's offer for a free trial is indicative of its confidence in the efficacy of the software and its value to contractors.

Despite the positive reviews and innovative features offered, it is of note that the content lacks sufficient information on the company. The data shared on the company's mission, vision, or history is limited, thus giving a slightly unbalanced view of the company's ethos. Therefore, potential users may need to conduct further research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company behind the software.

Verdict: Ensign is a user-friendly, cloud-based software providing contractors with advanced features capable of bolstering their estimating and surveying tasks. Coupled with ongoing customer support services and positive user reviews, Ensign positions itself as a trusted, efficient software for contractors.

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