Xsolla is a company that provides services and tools for launching, monetizing, and scaling video games. It has served thousands of game developers by offering solutions that facilitate successful funding, marketing, game launching, and monetization. Their client base ranges from independent game developers to AAA+ games publishers.

Xsolla provides a range of options for video game businesses, which include mobile games and PC games. For mobile games, they provide mobile-first solutions designed to adapt to the needs of players. Meanwhile, for PC games, Xsolla offers services that tap into new markets and streamline global operations.

In addition to games, Xsolla also provides funding services. With these services aimed at exploring investment and funding opportunities, the company allows developers to focus on creating their games. Another attractive offering by Xsolla is its Web 3.0 services where developers can discover new gamtech and seamlessly integrate it into their projects.

The company acts as a merchant of record for its clients and helps reach over 200 geographies worldwide, thus allowing game developers to sell their games globally. Moreover, the company helps manage the complexity, risks, and costs of compliance for game developers. Xsolla also takes care of back-end operations, freeing up developers to spend more time connecting with their players.

Xsolla ensures economic efficiency for game developers, helping them earn more while spending less. It achieves this by stopping 99.9% of fraudulent transactions, therefore transferring risks and liability from banks to the company.

With its comprehensive offerings, Xsolla provides popular integrations such as acceptance of over 700 payment methods and 130+ currencies around the world. This facilitates easy payments and adds value to mobile games. Xsolla also ensures easy integration to any Unity, Unreal, or Cocos Creator project with their software development kits (SDKs).

With over 17 years of experience in the video game industry and over 1000 developers served, Xsolla has proven itself as a reliable and comprehensive solution for both indie and large videogame businesses. The company continually evolves to meet the changing needs of the global gaming industry.

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