MyInfo is a comprehensive note-taking and personal information manager. As a highly versatile organizer for Windows, it enables users to easily organize and manage a wide range of information assets including notes, links, files, to-dos, and more. One significant feature is the search functionality that allows users to find information swiftly within the collected data. This can be beneficial for professionals handling several projects or individuals wishing to efficiently manage their knowledge and collections.

The flexibility of the MyInfo system is noteworthy. In MyInfo, users get the freedom to arrange their data, the way they find most efficient for their workflow. They can manually as well as automatically order notes, assign tags and attributes, use entry forms and have the option to type free text. There is provision for creating notes from templates or from scratch. The tool's design acknowledges the different workflows of individual users rather than imposing a uniform structure.

Additionally, MyInfo facilitates searching within notes and filtering them directly in the note list. There are no rigid constraints and it offers users the required tools to develop their own effective workflow.

MyInfo further enhances the user experience with its functionality for note collection. Users can type notes, capture web snippets, and even drag files into the application. The organizer feature helps in dividing notes into sections and notebooks and can add tags and metadata for efficient management. The edits function facilitates writing richly formatted notes with links, images, and tables.

The software also provides quick locating of notes across one or more notebooks. Its sharing feature extends to exporting data to a variety of third-party applications and sending notes to friends. This makes MyInfo a preferred tool for a host of users including students, researchers, and anyone keen on a more streamlined way to manage project drafts, outlines, personal wikis, and general note collections.

In conclusion, MyInfo provides a comprehensive solution for managing both personal and professional information. Its flexible organization, efficient search, easy editing, and sharing features make it versatile. It requires a Windows 7 or newer version and offers a fully featured 30-day free trial for prospective users, demonstrating its accessibility and overall appeal.