Total Voice Technologies is a company specializing in dictation and transcription solutions. Their portfolio includes a variety of products and supportive software such as speech recognition software, dictation equipment, digital voice recorders, dictation microphones, mobile dictation, transcription equipment and accessories.

Their offerings are quite comprehensive, catering to different needs. Their speech recognition software includes Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Both these softwares are highly rated and used around the world. The Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech recognition solution that highlights faster documentation ability, potentially up to three times faster than typing.

They also offer other products like Philips SpeechLive, a product from the reputable brand Philips. This enhances the company's credibility as it showcases their partnership with established brands in the industry.

Their dictation equipment includes Olympus Dictation and Philips Dictation, while their digital voice recorders are sourced from Olympus and Philips as well indicating diversity in their product range. These leading brands are known for their high-quality audio devices, which makes Total Voice Technologies' products reliable and trustworthy.

Their dictation microphones include top-rated Philips SpeechMikes. Besides, the company caters to the needs of mobile dictation, reinforcing their commitment to providing versatile solutions to their customers.

For transcription solutions, the company offers transcription headsets, foot pedals, and specific software. In addition to these, the company also sells accessories related to the products, ensuring customers have everything they may need in one place.

Overall, Total Voice Technologies provides a comprehensive range of products and services, catering specifically to the needs of those needing dictation and transcription solutions. They are well-connected in the industry, offering products from leading brands, displaying their commitment to the quality of their offerings.

Their customer support is also readily available, as they provide a contact number for technical support and inquiries. This showcases their dedication to customer service. They also have a user account feature on their website for easy access to order history, downloads, and account details; an indication of a convenient and user-friendly service.

Total Voice Technologies, with its diverse offerings and customer service, establishes itself as a reliable provider for dictation and transcription solutions.

Business address

Total Voice Technologies
8193 Avery Road, #200,
Broadview Heights,
United States

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Phone: 888-831-0088