Little Hotelier is a property management system (PMS) designed for the hospitality industry. It targets small properties, enhancing their management and operation through a range of comprehensive features. Features of this system include a booking engine, front desk, channel manager, payments processing, and insights. Also, this PMS provides a website builder, mobile app, and App Store to cater to the tech-savvy nature of today's business environment.

The platform also boasts a metasearch feature and guest engagement tools to bolster communication and relationship building with guests. This means that this PMS isn't only about property management, but also about improving overall guest experience and satisfaction.

Moreover, Little Hotelier offers a variety of resources to support and propel businesses forward. These resources range from informative blog entries and eBooks, insightful videos, different events, and a database to find industry experts. They cover a variety of topics such as revenue management, marketing and technology in the hotel industry.

Little Hotelier also takes pride in its partner program, designed for industry experts. By joining this program, experts gain access to valuable resources, tools, and rewards. This shows how the company values collaboration and growth not just within its system, but also in the greater industry landscape.

One of the standout features of Little Hotelier is perhaps its attention to customer service. The business provides a support structure to answer queries or address any issues that customers may encounter. This includes a dedicated support team to answer any questions and address concerns regarding billing or payment issues.

Little Hotelier's property management system is available in multiple languages including English, Deutsch, Spanish, Italiano and Indonesian. This multi-language feature caters to a wider global audience, making it a versatile choice for a diverse clientele.

Overall, Little Hotelier offers a robust, all-encompassing property management system for small hotels. Its diverse range of features not only simplifies property management tasks but also streamlines communication between owners and guests. The platform is praised for its high-quality customer support, multilingual interface, and a comprehensive list of educational resources. Although this platform is specific to small properties, the myriad of features it offers promises to enhance efficiency and profitability in property management.