Channel Management Software (CMS) offers comprehensive modules geared towards partner enablement, recruitment, training and certification, and business planning. It provides tools for channel marketing which include a partner portal, a partner library, MDF Management, and email marketing, as well as the ability to create co-branded collateral.

The software provides support for channel sales through deal registration, referrals and commissions, lead distribution and distributor management. This makes it easier to manage and track sales, and connect with partners in a secure, organized format.

A notable feature of the CMS is its plug and play Integrations with multiple platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, SSO, and APIs. This allows for a convenient and seamless connection with other popular business applications.

In terms of compliance, CMS gives priority to trust and safety with features focusing on security and GDPR compliance. The platform also provides notifications and reminders that can keep businesses updated about key events, deadlines, and updates.

It offers an analytics and reporting feature that provides critical data for decision-making. Meanwhile, the multi-language partner dashboards ensure global partners can access and share dashboard data in the language they prefer. The social sharing and collaboration feature of the software also offer the advantages of convenient communication and cooperation across various platforms.

CMS also aims to educate its users by providing resources like blogs, case studies, and a knowledge base. These can be useful for both potential and current users to learn more about the software and how it can benefit their business.

Finally, the pricing and demo options provided by CMS make it easy for potential users to evaluate whether this software is the right fit for their business. The out-of-the-box partner portal and PRM software that it provides are especially useful for technology companies who are looking for a comprehensive, robust solution to manage their channel partnerships.

Verdict: Channel Management Software is an all-inclusive software that provides comprehensive tools for partner enablement, recruitment, marketing and sales channels. Its plug and play integration, multi-language dashboards, and a range of educational resources make it an optimal choice for technology companies looking for a robust partner relationship management solution.

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