TestMatick is a professional quality assurance company that offers a wide range of testing services with a strong commitment to quality. They operate on the principle that 'Quality is never too much'. Their services are broad, covering everything from mobile testing to functional testing, automated testing, usability testing, and user interface testing services.

TestMatick also provides localization testing services which allow software to be adapted to various languages and cultures. They offer multi-platform testing services for software that functions across multiple operating systems and devices. The cross-browser testing services ensure that software is compatible across different web browsers. The team also offers technical writing services to create user-friendly documentation for software products.

For those in the game industry, TestMatick offers game testing services which involve checking games for defects and making sure they are user-friendly. Their load testing services ensure that a system, website, or network can handle heavy user traffic or activity. With the exploratory testing services, testers explore the software with the aim of finding defects that might not be found with traditional testing methods. The company also offers eCommerce testing services to ensure online shopping platforms are efficient and effective.

On the more technical side, TestMatick provides regression testing services to check that new changes to software do not break previously working functionality. Their web application testing services ensure that web applications are functioning correctly and offer a seamless user experience. The team also performs SEO testing services to ensure websites are optimized for search engines.

Furthermore, TestMatick offers security testing services to safeguard software from potential threats and vulnerabilities. Adding to their comprehensive list of services, they also offer QA recruitment services to help businesses recruit proficient QA professionals.

The company, with offices in the USA and Ukraine, has built a strong reputation as a reliable partner for businesses in need of quality assurance services, as evidenced by its abundant testimonials from satisfied clients and successful case studies. Their dedication to quality and wide range of services makes TestMatick a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking software testing and assurance.

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276 5th Ave Suite 704,
New York,
United States

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Phone: +1 (212) 203-8264