WinMagic is a data security solutions company that offers a wide range of products and services designed to protect data and people. Its offerings span several areas, including authentication software, encryption software, endpoint security, file security, server security, and cloud security solutions.

A key product in their lineup is the MagicEndpoint Authentication Software. This is designed for passwordless authentication, a more secure form of authentication that requires no user action, making it both user-friendly and resistant to phishing attacks. Their SecureDoc Encryption Software includes endpoint encryption, full disk encryption, server encryption, and Linux endpoint encryption, which provides businesses with comprehensive security solutions that fit different needs.

WinMagic also offers several additional products for endpoint and file security, as well as server and cloud security solutions. These encompass not just passwordless authentication for Windows login and pre-boot authentication, but also powerful encryption solutions for endpoint and full disk security, server security and more.

The company has a focus on different sectors such as education, financial services, government, healthcare, legal services, manufacturing, and retail. They also offer services for IT/Admin data security, mac/fire vault 2 device protection, and endpoint encryption. Their products comply with Opal SED, a standard for self-encrypting drives, adding an extra layer of assurance for clients.

The company further provides professional services, including technical certification training and assistance with deployment recommendations, system requirements, and release notes. They also provide supported hardware tokens and ensure export compliance, illustrating their commitment to following legal and industry-specific regulations.

WinMagic also provides resources akin to a blog, webinars, a media center, and a knowledge center for their customers to stay updated and informed on their products and data security. This shows that the company doesn't just sell products, but also aims to educate its users, making their approach to security more comprehensive and effective.

The company vision reflects its commitment to providing robust and effective data security solutions, with the goal of making the world a safer place. Potential and current clients would find it easy to contact the company via the contact sales option accessible on their website. With its wide range of secure services, from authentication to encryption, WinMagic provides comprehensive solutions to protect both data and people, without compromising productivity and innovation.