LogicalDOC is an enterprise document management software that offers a range of services and features aiming to streamline a business's handling of their data and documentation. Providing a free trial for parties interested in their platform, this US-based company operates with an international reach, offering its website in various languages including Chinese, Spanish, French, and more.

The company's product portfolio spans a wide range, with offerings like Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Mobile, and Community Edition. These are designed depending on the specific needs of a business and they cater to a diverse array of sectors, from a traditional office environment to healthcare, construction, law firms, sales, and marketing.

Further setting apart LogicalDOC are the advanced solutions it provides, such as technical office tools, research and development assistance, and a system for running a paperless office. This notable feature emphasizes the modern, tech-savvy approach that LogicalDOC takes when handling document management.

For a boost in efficiency and productivity, the platform provides a workflow automation process. This allows businesses to streamline their daily operations and accordingly reduces costs. Additionally, the LogicalDOC software includes electronic forms which can entirely eliminate paper from the data collection process.

In addition to an array of software options, LogicalDOC offers several resources for businesses, including tutorial videos, white papers, system requirement overviews, and even a savings calculation tool that aims to demonstrate how using LogicalDOC can positively impact a business's financial situation. This shows a commitment to customer understanding and transparency.

Customer support is well-rounded, including professional support, an API, online guides, community forums, and a help desk. For those interested, LogicalDOC also offers a partnership sign-up.

Overall, LogicalDOC appears to be a comprehensive enterprise document management system, providing a diverse range of software solutions and resources. With its emphasis on digital solutions, cost savings, and customer support, it could be a valuable asset for businesses of various types.

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14-25 Plaza Road, Suite N-3-5,
Fair Lawn,
United States

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Phone: +1 (844) 576 0494