Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business application suite offering various tools and services to support multiple facets of business operation and management. It presents a comprehensive range of products like the customer data platform, sales management, customer service, field service, marketing, commerce, supply chain management, and more. It also caters specifically to industries like manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and retail highlighting the suite's adaptability and broad reach.

The suite incorporates an intelligent order management system to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. It also provides specific products for small and medium businesses, including Business Central and services for HR, finance, and project management. These provisions potentially make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a suitable choice for businesses of different sizes and types.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also extends solutions according to one's specific needs. It tailors its offerings based on whether you require support in marketing, sales, service, supply chain, or finance. Such versatility promotes a flexible and dynamic usage experience.

Its Power Platform and Data verse resources help businesses leverage data for driving growth. The suite also embraces a Common Data Model to ensure data consistency and usability across different applications. It thus underscores a commitment to facilitating intelligent, data-driven decision-making for businesses.

To assist users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides wide-ranging resources. Users can access a guided tour to understand Dynamics 365, get free product trials, access documentation, analysts' reports, product updates, and customer stories. Users also have support for onboarding and implementation, training, and certification, which can smooth the transition for businesses new to the suite.

AppSource, the business application topics blog, and geographical availability details offer added resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. These allow users to learn more, find suitable applications, and understand regional service specifics.

Technical support is available to assist in problem-solving and ensuring smooth software operation. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 runs on a trusted cloud platform, ensuring safety, uptime, and ease of access for all its services. There are also resources available to facilitate cloud migration, which can be a important aspect for businesses upgrading their systems.

Moreover, the Dynamics Product Segments community acts as an additional source of peer support, knowledge, and best usage practices. Its variety of contact options, including chat and call facilities, adds to Microsoft Dynamics 365's mission to render comprehensive services to businesses. Notably, the sales assistance is available Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

Verdict: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive business application suite catering to various business needs and industries. Its specific tools, flexible solutions, wide-ranging resources, customer support, and security emphasis make it a credible contender for businesses seeking to enhance their operational efficiency and growth prospects.