InetSoft is a company that specializes in business intelligence dashboard reporting software. Implementing this software provides businesses with small-footprint, self-service analytics, dashboards, and reporting options, which can be co-hosted with existing data. Utilizing this software allows for an intuitive self-service web application enabled by a small server footprint that can be readily integrated into existing systems. An additional benefit is the one-on-one engineering assistance provided by the company to all customers, both small and large.

Founded in 1996, InetSoft services over 5,000 customers and has received accolades for their customer service. The software is particularly well-suited for the modern world of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) era where software and data needs are often distributed between cloud-based and in-house applications. The software also offers versatility in hosting options, including InetSoft-hosting, self-hosting, hybrid-cloud, and on-premise deployment.

The company focuses on empowering users with data insight in the cloud computing and SaaS era. It does this by combining analytics and reporting into one function, which, while sometimes confused by business users, has distinct characteristics. The combined analytics and reporting offer a comprehensive view of the relevant data, making it easier for the user to glean useful insights.

InetSoft's services and products also include a range of other resources, including custom design integration services, a support portal with documentation, and training. Along with that, tutorial videos and evaluation resources are made available to users. Overall, the InetSoft dashboard reporting software offers a comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools along with a flexible architecture that makes it adaptable to a wide range of business needs in the current era of cloud computing and SaaS.