Network Perimeter Defense Architecture is a comprehensive case study formulated in 2001 that presents a detailed architecture dedicated to protecting the network resources of a hypothetical enterprise. The paper, which is dedicated to setting up a robust security perimeter, was presented to the SANS GIAC in fulfillment of the GIAC Certified Firewall Analyst (GCFW) certification prerequisites. The document is conveniently offered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

This ground-breaking study is divided into four key sections: Security Architecture, Security Policy, Audit of the Security Architecture, and Design Under Fire. Each section is carefully structured to adequately address its assigned task and provide an in-depth exploration of the different aspects of securing a network.

Part one which focuses on Security Architecture discusses the application architecture, security perimeter, external connectivity, and its implementation. It highlights a systematic approach to setting up a strong defense system against network threats. In the second segment of the study, Security Policy is explored. Here, the study outlines the principles guiding network security, including insights into border router management, firewalls, VPN Configuration, applying policy, as well as compliance monitoring.

The third part of the case study examines the Audit of the Security Architecture. This segment strategically plans the security assessment, evaluates the security design, scrutinizes the implementation of the perimeter defense, and the deployment of defense components. Furthermore, it recommends improvements to enhance the existing defense system.

In the final part of the case study, titled Design Under Fire, the paper evaluates the targeted architecture, strategizes possible attacks on the firewall, and investigates methods of denying service attacks and compromising an internal system.

As an essential material on network security, this case study provides a thorough understanding of building and maintaining a robust and resilient network perimeter defense. It offers comprehensive insights into deploying an efficient network security architecture, crafting an effective security policy, performing comprehensive audits, managing risks, and mitigating potential attacks. This document is an indispensable resource for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their knowledge and capabilities regarding network perimeter defense architecture.