is a resource for information on computer security, smartphone security, and Windows security. The site offers updates and alerts on various security issues related to technology, including safe gadget security news. The information provided is updated to reflect current and relevant security protection measures that users should be aware of.

For instance, the site updated their alerts in August 2020 to bring attention to issues with Netgear wireless routers. The update called for immediate action, advising visitors that some routers may never be updated and, in such cases, purchasing a new router would be necessary. This level of detail may be useful for consumers aiming to ensure their devices are safe and updated.

In July 2020, provided information on C-Data networking equipment having multiple back doors. Here, they clarified that the items reported as having this issue are counterfeit versions of the brand's products. This kind of information can be invaluable to users, allowing them to be careful about which products they purchase and use.

Further, the alerts issued provide advice on avoiding potential security compromises. For example, their January 2020 update highlighted the risk of SIM Swap attacks that compromise users' smartphones to authorize websites through text messages. The website advised against using text messages for rescue logins and suggested using VoIP numbers such as Google Voice for sending text messages.

Alerts from also alert consumers to potential vulnerabilities in common devices. This included a January update on a critical vulnerability in nearly all cable modems, dubbed Cable Haunt. The advice was to contact the cable operator and request a software update for the modem, as consumers cannot do this on their own.

Additionally, the website provides updates regarding features within software or devices that can aid in security. For instance, they highlighted in December 2019 that Google Smart Lock generates second-factor authentication using an iPhone or Android phone and their app. Similarly, in October 2019, they pointed out iOS 13's feature to stop unwanted calls.

Verdict: serves as a reliable informant on topics of gadget security, providing regular updates on potential issues and concerns, advice on handling these issues, and highlighting useful features. Though its services may be more tailored towards those with a mature understanding of technology, it serves as an informative platform for users keen on ensuring security in their technology use.